Savings $$$

We spend too much money on food and I know we can do better. We eat really well and likely too much, but…  I’ve decided that as of September 2015 January 2016 (let’s try this again!) I am going to be more frugal, a smarter shopper, and share all that I learn with you! I am going to delve into price matching, share specials that appeal to our audience and when you should run to the store, savings & coupon apps, deals online, and anything else that can save both our families money on groceries.

I will admit that I go to the store with a list and buy whatever is on that list. I will pick up things that are a good deal (pasta, sauce, soup, etc.) and stock up on those items, but I never feel I am ever spending less as I do not shop smartly on the other things on our list.  I need to start stocking up on everything – at the best price.

If you are already a great shopper we encourage you to share tips too if you desire. Let’s share the savings within the Mom Cafe community and let’s get started together.

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