We love being charitable. It warms our heart and unites our community. Looking forward, we would like to expand our involvement in charity and supporting our community further.

We’ve been able to do some amazing things supporting families, especially during the holidays, and we’ve fallen in love with, educated ourselves, and discovered so many organizations that can use our help. We’ve listed some of our favourites below, but we expect this list to be an ever growing listing of associations needing help in the form of volunteers, donations of goods, or monetary support.

We proudly choose a few new charities for each event we hold and would love to hear from you and what local charities you hold close to your heart. From your comments below, we will consider them for future support.


We love this organization and are so touched it was all started and continues to be run by a young boy with help from his family. The Mom Cafe community was happy to collect 90+ books for them in November 2014 to go to children in need or in hospitals. If you have like new children’s books to donate, here is a great cause! We supported them again with more than 100+ books donated in March 2015, and more than 300+ books donated to Grandview Kids in November 2015.

Check them out on Facebook

HOPE Formal Wear

Do you have formal wear hanging in your closet? Old bridesmaids dresses or classic heels you haven’t worn in years and no plans to in the future? Why not donate them to a good cause where they could make multiple teens or young adults happy? HOPE loans out dresses to for graduation, prom, special events to young men & women in the community. In November 2014 the Mom Cafe community donated 50+ pieces of formal wear to this cause.

Check them out on Facebook

Feed the Need Durham  

In November 2014 we collected 350+ lbs of food for Feed the Need Durham. The statistics of people going hungry are scary and we believe every little donation counts! As little as $1 can feed a hungry person 3 meals. 

Check them out on Facebook or on the web

Autism Ontario Durham Region

Autism Ontario provides information, support and friendship to families living with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Durham Region. Mom Cafe was happy to donate $200 (2014) towards this amazing organization to help children & families in our community.

Check them out on Facebook or on the web

Salvation Army Oshawa Foodbank

We supported the Salvation Army Foodbank in March 2015 with over 400 lbs of non-perishable food donations! Feeding families within our community was our goal!

Girls Inc Durham

This organization ensures girls in our community grow up strong, confident and with wisdom. They offer courses, camps and so much more. We happily provided them with a $100 donation in June of 2015.

Check them out on Facebook or on the web

Hearth Place

We made a $100 donation (2015) to Hearth Place to help all families dealing with cancer in our community. This organization is not publicly funded but relies on private donations and fundraising efforts.

Check them out here.

Rose of Durham

We made a $200 donation (2015) to Rose of Durham to be used towards purchasing bus tokens to enable families to get to and from the programming offered, in hopes of bettering themselves and helping their families succeed.

Check them out here.

Eating Well Durham Ministries  – We donated an estimated 500+ lbs of food to Eating Well Durham Ministries November 2015.

Durham Down Syndrome Association $50 donation. This donation was made as we were inspired by a little girl names Lila!

We are continually supporting charities in our community. We will continue to update this page with our endeavours. We also support families in our community over the Christmas holidays, but we haven’t kept track of all those helped since we started in 2013. We do keep our Facebook page updated with this information when we help others anonymously, so if you do some digging, it can be found there 🙂

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