Month 42: Keeping It Real

I didn’t get to posting last month as I was busy wrapping up the month celebrating my birthday and stuffing my face with Chinese food at the Mandarin. I wanted to start on the 1st of Feb for my new goals, even though my workout month for Month 42 started on the 4th. So with my birthday at the end of the month, I really had to make the days count!

My goal for February was no takeout. I was successful and although I did not have takeout for 28 days (except green tea black which was in my self noted acceptable conditions) and my body is slowly showing signs of a fitness comeback post way too many months of treats and dinners and turtles (I’ve still got a lot of sweets to work off), I still baked a lot this month as I couldn’t kick my sweet tooth. Many were healthier options but I still drowned a tray of rice krispie squares on more than one occasion, cookies and rice pudding. Easy guilty pleasures.

So March I need to focus again on the snacking part. I am going back to takeout, but only once per week. If I can go 28 days free, I can go every week between my next splurge. I would love to do a whole month again but I am committed to some functions so once a week seems more reasonable. I do need to quit this after dinner sweet tooth that has developed though. I used to be so good at dinner and no food until breakfast. I’m going to work harder on this during the month of March as I know I can do better here.

My love handles are well earned by a healthy sweet palette!

I was able to get all but 2 of all my workouts in this month as I added extra workouts for the Bonus Love Yourself challenge. I will carry them into this month and get them done! Adding an extra week of workouts in was tough to get everything complete by month end with my schedule and commitments (and I wanted to but I know better than to overdo it). I bought myself new heavier weights this month and the workouts are a lot more challenging, which also meant a little longer recovery needed. I needed to up my game there and ensure the level of exertion was where it needs to be. You can do a workout or you can DO a workout. Although I always try to give it my all, I needed more of a push to get more out of my workout. Things were getting stagnant. Stagnant + Sweets = No Progress.

A late work out is always better than the workout you did not do!

I wish I had kept track of the number of bonus workouts I’ve done but I know I’ve done more than 550 workouts just with the regular Royally Fit online program (minimum 3x a week). As my body is, my fitness is incredibly strong, as are my muscles and mental mindset. And somehow, even 42 months in, I feel like I’m just getting started!

This past week I came out of my workouts feeling so strong and ready to workout harder as I start the next one in my inbox. That is how we should all feel after gifting ourselves the labour of sweat and hard work. Rewarded! 

Thank you for following my journey thus far. I am truly an RFer for life! I’ve made so many virtual friendships and connections, in addition to real life ones, and the common theme is real women wanting to better themselves and supporting a uniquely positive group of other women trying to do the same.

P.S. I was on my first podcast! The lovely RF ladies asked me to join them on That Badass Podcast. You can listen here! Since I did not post last month I did not get a chance to really re-promote it!

Royally Fit has a little something for everybody, no matter what stage you are in your journey. I should have taken these pictures pre-binging before this weekend – Mar 4 to Mar 31 I’m back on my game! Less sweets is the goal! No posing, no lighting, just a real mom, woman, living life to its fullest!

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