Month 40! Wrapping up 2018!

Happy New Year!! I love fresh new starts, time for new growth, new goals and am ready to rock 2019! However, let’s wrap up how 2018 ended first. If I could describe December in one word, it would be SICK! My boys went to a movie November 30th evening and it happened then, the aches and pains and sore throat started and from then on in I’ve battled a sinus infection, the flu, a cold, and a whole lot of everything in between. Every single day I’ve had the sniffles, dry cough, or some sort of not feeling at 100% and for the first time in my Royally Fit life, I had to take a full week off from workouts, actually 11 full days!

That doesn’t mean I forgot my goals though, I just had to make some adjustments to my plan (I am always ready to adjust!) and push myself a lot harder on the days I was able to work out, double up or get more creative with my time. I think it is good every now and then to push our limits and prove to ourselves that we can do anything we put our mind too! So keeping my goals as a focus, even with the bonuses thrown in there this month, I still have completed every single workout in my inbox in the last 40 months! I’m headed straight for 48 months of every workout, that is the current “big goal”! I want to be able to say I’ve given myself the best gifts possible for 4 years!

Food. Being under the weather probably ensured I ate even a little more relaxed this month than I normally would of with the holidays. When I feel crummy I tend to turn to something delicious to try to pick me up, and it was the holidays so food was everywhere! I go into the holidays with the mindset of enjoying myself and I put no restrictions on what I eat anyway. Many Christmases, birthdays, and so many other celebrations later this month, I can say I ate very well (in the least amount of healthy possible)! If eating 3 boxes of turtles is any indication… I only eat them in December and I haven’t had an actual chocolate bar in almost 4 years… so every bite is worth it! Add in egg nog, fruit cake, the Mandarin, a couple days away in Niagara and 3 family Christmas dinners… you get the drift!

This past month I was also invited to chat with the amazing Royally Fit gals on their That Badass Podcast! The episode launched today and I just listened this morning! We chat about how I keep myself on track and plan my workouts, goals, life accordingly. It is definitely different to hear yourself speaking, but what I want to leave you with whether you listen or not are these few things. Only you can take care of you. You make your goals, you know where you want to be, so make yourself a priority. Life is busy, unexpected things happen and our journey is full of ups and downs. In order to be successful we all need a plan! You are worth being a priority in that plan. You can listen here:  iTunes & Spotify

One of my favourite quotes: “He who fails to plan is planning to fail” ~Sir Winston Churchill

January Goals:
*Healthier eating of course! Balance over splurging. *Hit all my workouts *Drink 62 L of water this month *4 nice walks with my dogs each week *Do at least one workout with my son each week *Turn 37 feeling strong and motivated to keep moving for years and years to come! *Take the month to write out on paper all of my 2019 year goals for all areas of my life – not just health and fitness.

Let’s rock 2019 together friends!! 

Here are my splurge December pictures! Every bite was worth it! If you want to find my past month posts, they are all on the blog my month! This month’s post was a challenge as my site updated and posting is all different so I am going to need to learn a few things! For one, these pictures uploaded huge and I have no idea how to put them side by side and smaller!

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