Month 38 & Month 39: Juggling Life

Well this is my first post combining two months! Month 38 was not my month and when that last day came my Facebook page was not working (it was out of commission a few days), we were so busy I didn’t get pictures and my mood was less than stellar over many things that happened that month, despite my very positive nature. So rather than doing it a few days late I decided to skip it. I had hurt my knee playing road hockey with my son, and it took me out of working out 5 days and as a result I carried three workouts over into month 39. I have never carried three! Two yes and rarely, but three…  I am more on top of my workouts than that!

Wins for month 38 (we always focus on the positive right?) are that I skipped my 4th Halloween with not one treat and I did work hard on the workouts I did do.

So Month 39…

No takeout was my goal for 28 days (I ate too much of it in month 38). Made an exception yesterday for lunch with bestie on day 27 who was in from Quebec. The first 26 days of my plan I was successful! I even was the only one who didn’t get something to eat while we grabbed fast food or family takeout on more than one occasion. Generally green tea (black) is my only exception to my no takeout goals. I am pretty happy with making it to day 26 though, and lunch out with my bestie was totally worth it!  I even went into Starbucks during those 26 days to get others something and with much willpower, didn’t walk out with anything for myself!

This month was tough due to bustle. For the last three weeks my son has had sports or activities every day of the week/weekends and many of the days there were more than one (running from volleyball game to pitching clinic as an example). Fitting in my workouts was tough and I was running about a week behind due to the carryover. I still planned on getting them all done as not doing them isn’t actually an option, but I had a running list far bigger than usual. This week I worked hard. I have already completed 5 workouts and planned on finishing the last two today. My body is fighting an illness as of 7 pm last night, so I am not sure I will get it to 7 workouts this week, but at least I am no longer a week behind and with some activities, I have no reason not to be caught up by the end of this week.

I’ll eat a lot of treats in December, I am aware of that. The goal is to just be as healthy as I can between all the functions. We have 4 Christmases, multiple birthdays and other functions. There will be a lot of eating! However, I will get all my workouts done this month and I will set myself to go in January happy and ready to keep on working hard.

Back to my goal shorts again this month at I need the continued motivation to keep at it, especially in December. Sure they are small and make things look even more squishy than something that fits just right, but I’m not wanting to stay at this zone of comfortable and I’d like to go into the new year with the mindset that I’ve got this!

As Royally Fit posted earlier today, we need to focus less on what we look like, and more about what is great about us in other ways. For me, I might not have thighs that so not touch, or a six pack, or an absence of love handles, but I look pretty great in clothes and beyond those clothes I know I am pretty fit, enjoy my life and have way more about me that is more interesting than a number on a scale. I will always work harder to be healthier, but there is far more to healthy than how one looks or what their measurements are. There is a lot more great things behind this smile.

These posts below detail my journey so far!

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