Month 37: Time for new goals!

September… well this was a very very busy month! We hit up a Blue Jays game, Maple Leafs game, the fair twice and so much more! These helped me fall off the healthy train of life hard this month. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of each week were great, Thursday to Sunday were a whole other story. I didn’t maintain my Starbucks intended goal of 12 runs with my son, I had too many and I just enjoyed a lot of treats and a little extra takeout. The last week in September I pulled myself back together and I’ve made a game plan for October. I was struggling between these things taste so good and I know I can maintain right here and eat all I want it I keep on my workouts, but I’m carrying extra squishiness that is solely due to my sweet addiction and all these extras are not good for me and I need to regain control. I thought September would be better with routine, but the bustle got the better of me and I was not good at planning at all! I caved, enjoyed life and am ready to move into October.

This past week though, being mostly back on track, I feel much better. It is wonderful what it can do for your mindset, just being on the ball.  I know I will always be about moderation, but sometimes I need the mental all or nothing reset. And sometimes, I just need to be all or nothing, as I’ve given up several things with that approach and it has done wonders. I’m just not quite ready to do that with my last few vices, but it’ll come when I’m ready. I haven’t had a chocolate bar or Tim Horton’s ice cappuccino or Kawartha dairy ice cream since I gave them all up (between 18-39 months for these particular things!)… so I know when I’m ready I can do it!! I just have A LOT of things I enjoy!

Goals for October. I need to set some concrete goals so I stay dedicated. When I write them down I am accountable. When I do not I somehow convince myself why I need the Starbucks 🙂 So this month these are what I am going to work on:

  • Starbucks – Oct 1 to Oct 31 Hiatus
  • Skip Halloween for the 4th year (in terms of eating candy/treats – our house is already well decked out)
  • Keep my Thanksgiving eating to the 3 day weekend. It will be a little ugly, but it will only be three days of the month
  • Smash my workouts. October is really just as busy activity wise for us, but I already set up our family calendar this weekend, and my workouts are just as important to me as my son’s physiotherapy or soccer games. They are my appointments with myself.
  • Bake a healthy sweet treat thing (or at least makes my mind believe it is dessert) every Sunday to set myself up for the week and not cave to those things that are not so great for me. Muffins, bars, healthy apple crisp, those types of things.
  • Water or tea, get more fluid into me!
  • Smile every day. I always have more than enough to be thankful for!

I have one workout on the agenda for today and I am going to carry one into next month. The workouts I did this week kicked my butt and I was sore. My period wiped me out this month and I binged ate like I have not in years. I also had a hard time being motivated during that time to sweat. I did plan on getting them all in, but yesterday I spent 4 hours putting up Halloween decorations which ate up my free time allotted for that. It wasn’t on my plan, but with the long weekend ahead I am not worried about getting the extra in this week. And, my son is happier than anything putting up decorations for any holiday, so that is a big win too.

I did a mediation exercise this month with Royally Fit’s newest mindfulness coach, Coach Kelsie. Usually these do not do much for me as my mind is very busy, but I still try everything Royally Fit puts on my plate. This one was powerful for me and I really wholeheartedy enjoyed it. Coach Kelsie also provided some bonus material this month in the form of yoga/stretching and I really enjoyed those too.

This month’s pictures are below. What I learned is that these pants are not flattering (I promise they look better when I am wearing a shirt… well at least I think they do!) but there is no one available right now to take pictures for me, I had my son take these early this morning and never check them, and this is what we get. The bright side, better opportunity to look good next month? I know I am carrying a lot of bloating and I can probably name at least a dozen reasons or foods why. Most importantly they are unedited and real. On another note, my crazy muscular legs, those quads almost stick out in front as much as my booty does in the back. I am embracing my legs more and more every day, there is a lot of hard work in them to be proud of!

Here is my journey to date. It is real, raw and putting it out there to tell you I believe you can do it too! I want you to know that we are not supermodels (most of those are photoshopped beauties anyway!), we are human. Life is hard, but for me, the most important thing is to just keep going. Every work out is making me stronger, regardless whether my waist goes down or up an inch! And you know what, it goes up and down all the time! Month to month there are changes (a lot factored by my eating) but most importantly I am fit and happy!

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