Month 36: Smashing My Royally Fit Workout Goal

36 months of an amazing journey with Royally Fit is marked today! What a fabulous fitness journey it has been. 36 months of giving to me and not missing even one workout in my inbox. That was my current goal and I smashed it. My sweat session felt so good this morning! That is at minimum, 3 workouts a week, for 3 years. That is 468 workouts, which means with the bonuses and live workouts I also pick up as they are emailed or posted, it is easily over 500 sweat sessions. I am feeling amazingly strong and healthy. I’m motivated to make new goals and push myself even harder.

Do I look like I thought I would look? Not exactly. I still have some squishiness here and there  (it is well earned and 100% diet) but I know how strong I am and this bulk contains some seriously well built muscles. There are things I would like, like smaller arms, but I just do not think my body responds that way unless I eliminate weights and go heavier on the cardio. When I did that in years past *about 5 years ago* and ate too clean I was able to be about 25 lbs lighter, but I looked sickly when reviewing those pictures. I also tend to look a little better with clothes and not as raw as these photos, so I have that going too.

Speaking of cardio tough, my son and I started practicing for his cross country this month and we did 13 2km runs together. Some days were sweaty and hot, but we still got out there. I’m proud of both him and I for keeping at it. Sometimes his friends come along too and you’ll see me jogging with a gaggle of ducklings behind. We have even made a plan for our Starbucks addictions, for every 12 runs we earn a Starbucks drink. This month we committed to 33 days no Starbucks and we were successful!! You know we were there the day after we were successful to claim our prize though right?

Here are my pictures from this month below. My son took them and I took his. One is blurry and they aren’t the best well taken or posed photos, they are real. I wouldn’t change them or ask him to take another after I check and see if they all look flattering as that isn’t the message I want to convey. You know how we teach without speaking as parents? I need to show him I am happy as I am. I am doing this not to be skinny but to be healthy. As he has taken an interest in working on his fitness and he is getting a little more focused I need to really focus on what is healthy. Skinny does not equal healthy in all cases.

My son is a tank. His family genes on both sides are against him in ever being a beanpole. Heck my genes are against me too! Even at my skinniest I have has thighs as big as some waists and a butt that always provides cushioning. He is at the age where people start to be mean and call people names. I want him to be confident as he is. He plays hard, he never stops, but he will likely always be stockier than his peers. I am hoping to grow a fit, happy healthy boy in his own skin, and the first way I can start that is my showing him I love myself and I am always working on myself.

This is a body of which just finished drinking a milkshake at midnight last night, had Chinese food the last two nights for dinner, a family bbq pulled pork lunch yesterday and french toast with syrup for breakfast. My eating isn’t that bad all the time, but this summer it has been a rollercoaster of delicious treats and I am not going to dwell or take any of them back. With them came some awesome memories or self satisfaction of rich ice cream filled goodness. This is also a body which eats fish or seafood three times a week, doesn’t drink pop, gave up chocolate bars 39 months ago, skipped any treats for the three past Hallowe’ens… it is all about balance!

I have made huge grounds in so many other areas with eating and I know that September back to routine will have us back on the bandwagon in just a couple days.

Although the summer added a little well earned chubbiness (cue ice cream, bbqs and takeout here!) the below photos are where I started 36 months ago. These are not flattering, but sure give me an appreciation for how far I have come. I wore the same clothing today, which I only get out once a year now for that purpose, and those 36 months have definitely made some huge changes, inside and out.  These photos are less than 10 pounds difference! So if you are not convinced the scale tells you very little, here is your proof. Your hair can grown a lot in 3 years too!

Time for new goals right? Although I have not defined them all yet, and plan to sit down to do that tomorrow, do you think I can go 4 years without ever missing a workout? I am ready to give it a go!! Thank you for following along and being part of my journey!

Here is a history of my journey. It is real and vulnerable, but it is honest. It is about developing and transforming myself, setting goals and working hard towards them, and truthfully most of this development isn’t shown in pictures.

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