Month 35: Summer Slide

Short and sweet post this month as I feel we shouldn’t focus too much on the negative or find excuses, but just move on to the future positively!

Before I get into this month – I want to tell you that the Royally Fit sale ends tonight 2018-07-29! You too could sign up for Royally Fit Online monthly for $29 a month indefinitely! Check out more here and use code FOLLOWYOURGUT!

These are my chubbiest photos in some time, and it all can be chalked up to bloatedness from terrible eating. I was off the healthy food train this month. Even the few days I did eat healthy, all I craved was bad things, all day long. So I was good for a few days and then would give in, starting a viscous cycle. Just last night we had late night fast food takeout, like really late that it was actually early morning. I was wired and went to bed way too late, but it did give me opportunity to watch the Royally Fit drinking game live!

Seeing as next month is Month 36, my three year and current goals month, I need to get back on the food train. Summer is hard, but I know I can do it. Starbucks, BBQs and takeout be damned! I’m feeling squishy and ready to tackle my sugar problem 🙂

Workouts… by the end of today I will have all 13 Royally Fit sent workouts over the 4 weeks done, plus the mini bonus challenges, and one additional stretch session. I would have liked to get 2 more in on my own, as I have been aiming for 4/week regardless of what RF sends (all those being my first priority of course!), but it wasn’t in the cards this month. It will be easy to get back at that soon enough as back to school isn’t so far away.

Goals next month:
  • Smash my goal of every workout in my inbox over my first 3 years with Royally Fit!
  • Go back to mindful eating and curb the junk (there was no moderation month 35, it was a full out binge!)
  • Plan my goals for 36 months and beyond


Tomorrow I begin Month 36 with Royally Fit. I may not be a supermodel (heck at 5 ft tall that dream went out the window when I was about 9 years old!) but I am very strong, healthy and my fitness level is improving every single day. My eating always needs work and still is a little bit of a rollercoaster some months (or a disaster as in this past month!), but I certainly love Royally Fit!

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