Month 34: Keeping It Royally Fit Real

Well I did it! 30 days (June 1-30) no Starbucks, or takeout food, no meals at least. My family still endured Family Fridays but I abstained. My husband says this confession is takeout, and I am always honest, so I did have a doughnut this past Friday. One doughnut, that I have been craving for months but have never had a Friday off to get before they sold out. I was first in line at Eat My Shortbread Friday to get Crave Doughnuts. I bought them and brought them to our planned afternoon tea. I only had one and it was so worth it!! Check out their page and you’ll agree with me.

Since we are confessing all, I also had Jill’s Humble Pies buttertarts this past week. I bought them as teacher gifts and had to try them right? I also was on a training course mid month and had lunch provided. Thankfully it wasn’t ordered in food and catered brown bag lunch style so I still committed to my plan.

Okay, that is all my Royally Fit month 34 sins confessed!

Workouts! I stuck to my goal of 4 week/16 month for a 4 week month. By the end of today Month 34 workouts will be complete. I played catch up on weekends most of the time as the weeks were busy. My neck was extremely tight this month, so I went for 3 massages, and the couple days following those were recovery days, which pushed my workout plans a bit. That’s okay though, as to every good plan is contingency, and not getting my workouts done is not an option! Month 34 done and every single workout in my inbox completed. Bonuses workouts, the weekly three, sometimes even small challenges, whatever they send to me! #RFer4life

Goals for next month:

  • I’m still going to try to skip some Family Friday takeouts. I might have it some days but be more aware. Limit myself more in a month to what I eat out.
  • Complete all workouts in month 35. I would like to try to spread my workouts out more in the week, instead of making up all the ground on weekends. This past month I think was an exception. I’ll always be heavier workout weekend loaded, but this past month sometimes there were none in the week and all completed on the weekend. That’s a bit much to maintain.
  • Be happy. Summer is about high calorie bbqs and dairy free ice cream, and treats. I am going to have the best darn summer ever in that regard. Life is about moderation and if these next two months I sweat hard, eat a little extra, but maintain status quo, I’m okay with that!
  • So while I’m fully intending on potentially taking my son on a Starbucks date today, I will impose myself a limit here too, as if not I tend to get carried away. It is summer after all, so let’s say 4 over the month. If I skip a family takeout, I might decide to splurge on a Starbucks instead. I have to find the balance.

Here are this months pictures. I am pretty sure they don’t show ground gained, or ground lost, but an honest mom who works hard just to keep it going while loving her life (and food) 🙂 I’ve heard maintaining 6 packs are overrated anyway 😉

Tomorrow I begin Month 35 with Royally Fit and I still could not be happier with the program. Here is my story from the beginning, and I think it is still just getting started… with Royally Fit.

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