Month 33: The Food Rollercoaster

Well, I’ve written out a month 33 post twice on my phone, this being the third, to either have my email crash or not save the draft! Last month my laptop went on the fritz during my post (like too old and not repairable), so I am using my son’s and when I first set out to get this done this morning the battery died.  Here goes with a shorter Rev 003 😉

Month in a nutshell…


Food. Seems every other month I rock this and then slide back. Averaged takeout twice a week this past month and way too many Starbucks Frappucinos and even other treats I normally abstain from. I was suckered in the cycle of one tasted so good so I want another and another. It’s a vicious cycle and because I verbally/mentally commit/write down, didn’t set that as my goal this month (Starbucks 1x) I didn’t feel like I was failing. It’s all about putting those goals on paper!! It really keeps me personally accountable!


Workouts! I did all the workouts plus many bonuses. For this month at 3 per week we would normally complete 15 workouts. By the end of today I will have completed 25 workouts as I participated in the extras assigned either from the 7 day RF Challenge or live or bonuses as sent. I’m going to try to keep with my 4 workouts a week goal over the summer, which is a bit more difficult with our evenings a lot more full, but I can find the time!

Month 34 Goals:

  • 2L water daily (not included in tea)
  • No takeout (food or drink (*except black green tea but going to cut this back too!)) – I said none! I realize this might mean saying no to a few outings, BUT I have kicked butt at an even longer no takeout goal before so I know I can do it. I love a challenge and I am ready for it (I actually started June 1 and am going for all of June!)
  • try fasting 2 days a week for 14 hours (this includes sleep)
  • loosely journal food daily to track my success progress on my workout calendar (yay or nay to address each food day!)
  • 4 workouts a week
  • be aware of how I feel daily (physically/mentally) – note it! I have a habit of overfilling my calendar!
  • minimum 7 hours outside weekly (vitamin D!)
  • monthly kms walked challenge of 30km (not including daily walking, strictly tracked for addition exercise and likely with my doggies)

Month 34 starts tomorrow!! Big goals. Big Focus. This equals Big Success coming my way! 

These are the photos for this month, evidently no ground gained and a bit more squishy/bloated than last month. Definitely not my best photos to date, but what makes them most appreciative in my eyes is that they are real, just like this journey which we will all have ups and downs! For next month I can bet a month of no takeout will be beneficial!

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