Month 32: Royally Fit Report Card

Workouts A+

Food C+

Bonus Assignments B+

Happiness Level A+

Let me dive into these!

Workouts. Starting last month I made it my goal to up from 3 RF workouts a week to 4, every week. Now many weeks I would already pick up a bonus workout when assigned, or a live workout video was posted, but I decided to make 4 a goal even if one wasn’t added or emailed. Many weeks I would only just do the 3 emailed and call it success too. As long as I complete every single thing sent to my inbox I am winning and meeting my goals.

Conveniently this month 4 were assigned every week (3 plus a bonus), so I completed those workouts over the 4 weeks plus one live link that was posted for a total of 17 workouts (the live one wasn’t emailed so it truly was just a bonus on my part). My 17th is on my plan for right after I hit post as today is my wrap up day for Month 32. I had to roll out of bed for photos before my son went outside to play and my husband is still in bed! I plan on sticking with a goal of 4 per week as I think it’s exactly what I need to combat my extra love for food.

So speaking of food… I had some great weeks and some great days and some days or the last week where I kind of just fell off track. I was busy, did a lot of networking over food, and add in that time of the month where sweets call my name even in my sleep and once I start… we end up with a C+ for the month. On a good month I’d only give myself a B+ for food, it’s my continual battle, so it wasn’t that bad, but I am ready to start fresh in May. I know I can do better as my previous month showed me I could!

This month Royally Fit is doing a brand new FREE 7 day detox kick starter plan. I have never participated in the meal planning side of things yet, 32 months in, but am considering maybe trying the 7 days, I’m not too sure yet though. Last time I joined for the bonus workouts only. Maybe 7 days healthy just for me during this time period… I’m floating ideas around. This is just a reset to get you started albeit (not a diet) and you can sign up for free here or here if you are interested!

Challenges. Royally Fit brought back some daily/weekly challenges this month. I completed 700 extra squats and 140 extra pushups on top of my workouts. This past week was 15-30 minutes outside each day and I did not complete this daily, but over the month my extra outside time certainly added up to meet this goal, just not in the last week particularly (wasn’t feeling getting outside in the rain some days). So B+ in this department it is.

Happiness Level. I am so happy! I started a new job this month. I’m extremely busy and loving every minute of it. I feel great about finishing my workouts and even this past week where I really ventured into the delicious food (not healthy food) territory way too much, I didn’t feel stressed! Next week is a new week and we need to live life sometimes. I enjoyed the treats chosen wholeheartedly. I will be baking healthy brownies/muffins this weekend though to be set up for success for this week, and wean myself off the sugar cravings that will be present as I come down off the past week sugar high.

Month 33 is a busy month. My son will be starting baseball 3 times a week, finishing up his Sky Zone dodgeball program, once a week each for piano and tutoring, and physio/osteo sessions biweekly, plus I work full time. This, like most families, leads to some chaotic evenings. I am sure families with more than one child juggle even more!

I will be successful as I’ve already planned my calendar fully, made my individual goals and have personally committed to giving myself the time to ensuring I fit in me. This includes reading a project management book I’ve planned to read, following finishing up my current parenting behavioural book, and other goals I’m currently working on (full closet purge for example). Planning, and writing it down, I believe is the key to success! I’m going to settle for nothing less!

Be sure to set some goals for yourself in May. Remind yourself you are worth the effort to keep these goals and focussing on yourself is beneficial and warranted selfishness! I will see you after conquering Month 33!

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