Month 31: March Madness

Phew! It was a super busy month!

This month I did slip on one of my goals slightly. Takeout is a personal goal of only once per week. It’s up to me to effectively plan to ensure I meet this. There will be occurrences where this happens occasionally, but I need to do my best to commit to me and my goals. I’m counting anything I don’t eat at home as takeout. So although one was a work catered lunch of salad and a sandwich, I’ve still counted it. This month I had takeout (or out food) more than I would have liked. Some of the weeks I abstained altogether, but some weeks the functions were plenty and it resulted in some not so great eating. This past weekend was my worst eating weekend of 2018 yet. However we had a great holiday weekend and I know I will be back on track this week. After posting this I have a 14 minute workout to do to round out the month and I am looking forward to a cleaner eating month of April.

I didn’t cook three of my weekend days of ten due to a planned dinner out and two poor planning takeout dinners. I was doing really well here, but let it slip a little.

I did attend a Chinese buffet lunch as a birthday celebration with an Aunt as one of the takeout occurrences and it was delicious, I stocked up on seafood and favourites, but didn’t overeat to the point I felt sick or I had completely overeaten. On another occasion I ordered a gigantic fish sandwich and fries and I could only eat about half of the meal (planned dinner out). I brought it home for hubby. I think I am listening to my body better and from that enjoying my treats more and not just stuffing my face (aside from slipping this weekend a little bit). It’s a work in progress but I am headed in the right direction. I’m seeing improvements with food naturally rather than forced or in a restrictive or dieting context. It’s taken me a long time to get here but it’s finally all coming together. Mentally I’ve known what to do for a long time, but the other aspects of life were taking priority and I wasn’t making it a priority.  Making it a lifestyle of permanent changes is far harder than a yo-yo dieting cycle, in my opinion.

I have weaned well off desserts for the most part (subbing in healthier options) but this month I did cave to it at different celebrations. This is the most sugar in a month I’ve had since Christmas. What I can tell you is that it definitely makes you crave it more when you do consume it.  Although it tastes good, it also makes me just want more of it. I’m better off without or limited splurging.

I also slipped up Starbucks 2x in 5 weeks, rather than my 1x goal. My son was sick and I thought I would surprise him on the way home and caved too. In reality him being sick was just the mental convincing I needed to satisfy my own craving. We had already had our 1x month date the week before.

Workouts have gone well. I made a goal this month of 4 per week. Last month was chaos with all the extra workouts, but I think it really helped me focus and gave me further motivation so I wanted to up it from just the three in my inbox. The first week I honestly only got 3. I needed to rest the first few days of this month after last month and then I did a couple days back to back followed by a Private Royally Fit Pound class. Those then followed with a few days of feeling my muscles as an amazing reward. Pound is absolutely an amazing fitness class!! It was sooo much fun! I highly recommend getting all your gal pals together and booking a private class. Also, I made up the missed goal week one by doing 5 workouts the following week 😉

I have to keep the goals crossed off and commitment to me. I’m the only one who can be accountable for me and I am responsible for my success. Normally in a 5 week month I would get 15 workouts in, and it felt glorious to get 19 in this month with the 20th to follow right after I hit post. I want to continue with a goal of 4 per week I think. This month wraps up 31 months of every workout in my inbox done! 5 months away from my 3 year goal!

I’m seeing changes in my body, despite the little extra eating out food than I would have liked this month. I am in control of my eating better and more accepting of sometimes these weeks will happen but you don’t have to let them happen every week and I can skip a week without takeout with focus. I did that two out of the five weeks this month. I also think the biggest change over the last 6 weeks was eliminating a stressor I didn’t realize was stressing me out so much. I now feel I am moving forward in 2018 after being stagnant for some time. I am ready to rock next month and like every month, wipe the slate clean, start a new page in my workout journal and move forward.


April Goals:

  • Next month I’m going for no more than 6 takeout (eating out and/or food not from home) occasions! I do have a work planning course with catered lunch 3 of the days, so that eats up 3 right off the hop.
  • Start a new job Tuesday! Get accustomed, and enjoy new change and challenge!
  • Ensure I get enough fluid each day. Change in routine and more time away from my desk with a lot more meetings means I need to work harder at ensuring this happens.
  • 4  workouts per week
  • Keep working hard to rock these goal shorts I am wearing in my photos. I am getting closer. You can do a workout… or you can DO a workout. Keep this focus.
  • Smile and be thankful I am healthy and able to workout.

Despite the eating challenges this month, I think the pictures show progress over last month.



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