Month 30: Loving Life & Giving to ME!

Last month I mentioned I felt fantastic. So I should reiterate, I feel fantastic! Things are going in the right direction and it all is showing in my mood and starting to on my body, even if it’s only in my own eyes.

So Miss Royally Fit really got a bit carried away this month. They ran an amazingly successful 10 day challenge for hundreds of women (I signed up for the bonus workouts only) and with that they sent out several bonus workouts plus a few extra live workouts and… hey another bonus here in your inbox just for fun. Some were short, a fun 10 minute bonus or 6 minute biceps, but some were extra full workouts. So that being said, 23 links ended up in my inbox (or if they were Live workouts and haven’t yet, they will, I’m on to them and will be ahead!) and within the 28 days I completed them all (last one is on the agenda this evening!). I’m sure it’s a huge proponent to my feeling fantastic. (Note, the Live workouts are free for anyone on their Facebook page – go try one!)

Truth Disclaimer: Miss Royally Fit says she didn’t realize she had actually sent out that many links, was just trying to provide different options and incentives, didn’t expect any one to do them all (I’ll show her!) and maybe just wanted to test just how much crazy dedication to RF I was willing to go 😉 30 months in. 30 months of every single workout done. Yes! There is a reason to feel fantastic!!

In all seriousness though, the great thing about Royally Fit Online is the varied workouts, the hundreds available and something for everyone. We get 3 in our inbox weekly and they are all new, but the reserve files of weeks past contain all the old ones! They don’t expect you to need to do more than 3-4 workouts in a week. My new favourite workouts are the ones using resistance bands. I tried a 12 minute workout with the hardest one this month – holy moly – 12 minutes and my butt was on fire!

Food – you know my nemesis. Well aside from last night as we were at Medieval Times (but I skipped the regular takeout night to account for this!) I have cooked every single one of my weekend days this year! That’s pretty stellar! Even on days I worked, went off to baseball for a few hours and still came home and cooked. Who is this person? Oh, it’s the improving me. Improving as it’s still a work in progress 🙂

This past week I was down and out a few days with an illness much to my dismay, but I’ve been healthy for most of these 30 months with less than a handful of illnesses. Working out does a body good! I dealt with this illness better than ever too and still attended a course and succeeded (don’t worry I covered by bases to make sure it wasn’t spread to others!). Coincidentally enough it most often strikes when I’m highly stressed and work has been a wee bit of that sort as of late. I’m wrapping up a 13 year career in the same job in the next month and moving on to something new with the same company. Effective planning and float still enabled me to get everything in my workout world done despite illness, stresses and bustle.

I’m still rocking my commitment to only having a Starbucks treat once a month too.. I’ve pretty much just banished the other treats and I am not missing them in the least now. Last month I pushed my Starbucks treat 2 days later to enjoy on my birthday and this month I would usually enjoy it today, but had it yesterday instead as a little date day with my son. I’ve been to Starbucks on a few other occasions too, but I stick to a black green tea 🙂

Rocked my birthday in Month 30 too, with one piece of cheesecake and my Starbucks drink. I am enjoying the once a week takeout and savouring it. So although I have really made no big changes to outside of how we ate besides takeout frequency, I am seeing results!

What’s up for next month? To keep rocking it! Keep at the workouts. I want to average 4 per week. I want to still cook on weekends and keep takeout to once per week. I want to keep this feeling of control I feel and keep working hard to look better in these shorts! Maybe this summer I will finally reach that goal!

Tell me, how did you take care of YOU this month? Let’s rock this journey together!

Here is my progress from the start – until now… with Royally Fit.

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