Restarting the Royally Fit Fire!

I am a day late in posting, but the weekend got the better of me, and I had to finish a second workout where I would normally have had time to write this. In fact I just did a workout after work before posting this too! Priorities right?

This month I feel fantastic. I changed my mindset from I want to be but I also love food to I WILL and I can eat well with my treats in moderation. I just needed a re-focus. And you know what? It wasn’t really that hard! I’ve always had this focus with my workouts, there is a no excuse and no tolerance for non-completion attitude, and I have always been successful. I just have not put my whole heart or mind yet into the other part of the picture being food, and I think it is time to take baby steps towards some permanent changes. You can talk the talk, and really want it, but now its time to start walking the walk.

It was a tough month for a lot of reasons, too many to list actually (it would turn this whole post in a Debbie downer), but I conquered it all with a positive outlook and maintaining my focus. I set my mind on what I wanted. What I desired. Where I want to be and where I am going to go.

My hurdles were always sweets and takeout and good food in general. I always ate a lot of veggies and many healthy things (I actually love veggies), but I also counteracted that with not so healthy weekends where I would order in or food at events when we were out, or work and charity events, etc., etc., putting too many of them in a week means a net negative week overall in terms of a good diet, even if you are eating veggies and healthy in the same week.

However, I am determined to find a way to do it all. In the last month I successfully went to WWE, Raptors games and a Leaf game and I didn’t eat junk at any of them! Stuck with a herbal tea! My husband made me a sandwich for the train and/or I ate before (Sorry to my friend who was maybe banking on dinner for the Raptors game!). I also stuck to my once a week only takeout, with one exception having a couple slices of pizza on my son’s birthday in addition to that week’s takeout (we have planned Friday night takeout at our house). No binging on pizza though, stopped when full and at a couple of slices. Another goal was to have an ONLY once a week sweet treat as a gift to myself. Some weeks I didn’t have this as I made those healthy brownies from the Royally Fit page two of the weeks – and I was satisfied eating one of those each day I needed something as a treat/snack (instead of one treat that week!). They were much better for me than a not so great for me sugar laden treat! This week upcoming is my birthday, so I might have 1-2 treats as a result (this girl is a BIG fan of cheesecake!), but that is okay and I will resume the course following.  I am planning on making those brownies again this week too!

I completed all of my workouts this month and really put a lot into them. I am determined to master my TKO 16 lb ball this year and one month into my goal I already feel like I made some progress. It was tough to get them all done this month as I took a fall one ice which took me out 4-5 days and carried two from last month due to being sick, plus we had an extra RF Live quick workout thrown in there, but I made the time and got them done. Life is truly about setting your priorities and workouts are definitely one of mine.

Other exciting things in my life and positives…

  • Royally Fit Book Club. This month I read You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero. We wrap up with a discussion for this Feb 4th which I am pretty excited for. I also started next months book Goals! How to Get Everything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible by Brian Tracy. Feels good to take some time to read again. I started this goal last year and was on fire until about June. Then it came to a halt. More reading usually means less time wasted on my phone with endless scrolling. It usually also means new goals and renewed focus.
  • I started the Big Life Journal with my son. I am so looking forward to working on this together this year to develop and grow our positive mindset. For both of us. I am sure his ideas will have a positive effect on me as will I on him. It is such a great tool he is already loving!
  • Cooking. I cooked of the days I was suppose to cook this month (Sat and Sun of each week). That’s a big win. I am not fond of cooking to be honest. I would bake any day though! I even tried the Instapot we have had for over a year (a couple times too!). I am not head over heels with it, it was quick, but with a picky family on meat texture if they aren’t fond of it (and they weren’t) it won’t be replacing many of my meals that I cook. We love the crock pot and I think it will still be out primary tool other than the stove/oven/bbq. Our family are big meat eaters and meals are planned around meat. Maybe that meat issue is a goal for another time though.
  • Side note on the cooking. Right not I am just focussing on cooking. Not going crazy healthy or trying daring recipes, just cooking. Once I get into that habit of planning and actually following through on all the meals maybe I will get adventurous and further healthy things up a bit. For now, it is just getting food cooked at home to the plate (of course there are always veggies, there just might be more pasta and such than we need). We don’t eat things like boxed chicken nuggets, etc., so it isn’t all bad stuff. Again, a later day battle on what I am cooking though.
  • I woke up not one day feeling bloated or ugh! The little permanent bloated tummy that was developing is shrinking. Food Focus 101 is always a win.
  • Started seeing some arm definition and starting to lose some of the bulk. This will take months, but still a win! I really want to slim them out.
  • I went to Starbucks 3 times this month. I skipped my treat Frappucino and only had a green tea – each time! That is winning. We even skipped our last Sunday of the month date my son and I – and am moving it to my birthday. I am tempted to skip it all together as I am honestly feeling really good about it, but I do deserve a treat and he is buying!
  • I joined the 10 day Royally Fit Tighten & Tone challenge. In complete honesty I am not going to follow the meal plan but I am going to follow along for pointers for other ways to improve my food intake, possible recipes I will enjoy, bonus workouts/assignments and take the positive vibes from the women in the group. I am going to take the most I can out of it that will work for me. I have to make my battle with food my own. I don’t cook in the week and come home to meals prepared for me. Those meals I do not control and will not change or ask my husband to make as per a plan. I also lost the “diet” mindset a long time ago and do not diet (although this 10 day challenge is not marketed as a diet – it is a lifestyle and a reset button to get women back focused on themselves and a clean health journey – so don’t let me push you into thinking it is). I am working to find the best happy medium for me. I do not want to eat only as per a set plan and I have a meal plan available to me every month with Royally Fit but do not use it. I can do meal plan following. I can be successful. I can be obsessive. I am in fact fantastic about obsessing over things. I would be eating different stuff than my family and I would eventually crash as it would not be my choices in food. That just spells bad news for me though. I have lived through off and on bandwagon eating years ago many times to know that it is not somewhere I would ever like to return to (110 lbs to 125 lbs to 105 lbs to 130 lbs… and when I first started Royally Fit my highest of 143lbs. You get the drift and the last 28 months in links are at the bottom.) I know how to do that. Now I am working hard on keeping and finding that mid range consistency and a balanced life!  However, I am pumped to see how it goes and what tips and things I can learn through the 10 day process and maybe one or two extra sweat sessions (okay the latter have me pumped most of all)! Royally Fit has some knowledgeable trainers and a nutritionist so where there is an opportunity to learn, I am in! I didn’t join the first one and although I also did not intend to do it either, I think I missed out on the opportunity to gain at least something from it.
  • Electronic purge! I organized my life electronically this month. It was prompted initially by an unfortunate event with stolen banking info, but I just went nuts afterwards. So fresh new passwords, 10,000 emails deleted, unsubscribing from things that are no longer helpful to me, clear clean slate. It feels sooooo good! I also put a new permanent plan in place to make sure I stay on top of things here. Somehow I had a baby 10 years ago and my inbox just went a little crazy since then. Not any more!
Although my journey over the years has changed, my clothes really never have (except these short tiny shorts below I am still trying to rock. Sure they “fit” but I want to look stellar in them!). The scale really only tells so much (even by those yo yo numbers I mentioned above). Sure there are times where the same pair of jeans has had a little more bulge than at other times, but I have always been able to keep in the same clothing size range and/or do them up. Now with my muscle mass I doubt I could be under 120 lbs at my fittest. I am not sure what my ideal is, but as I sit at bordering the obese category still (good ol’ BMI has never been friendly to my 5 foot frame), I am continually working on my fitness and a happy, healthier me. That’s what truly is most important. Not the scale showing whatever number of pounds.
Hey, new top this month too that I didn’t feel comfortable trying on last month that I decided to rock this month. Sometimes we have to live a little and go outside our comfort zones, just like the shorts to further motivate us.

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