Month 28: Enjoying Christmas

Well 2017 is shortly coming to a close, as has Month 28 in my Royally Fit world. This month was chaos and all things food delicious, calorie rich and thigh padding. However, I still made time for me and completed most workouts, with 2 left on the agenda for New Years Day. We normally have 3 a week assigned and I did do 12 workouts this month, but there were 2 bonus workouts assigned early this month  (Live workouts emailed) and I did get those done but are carrying to regular workouts of which I’ll do to start off 2018 right tomorrow!

I’m carrying workouts not due to bad planning, but due to the fact I got sick shortly after Christmas and it put me down for 3 days in terms of the workout world. After taking time off for Christmas itself too, there just wasn’t time to do the rest on my to do schedule before year end (although I did consider 4 today… but physically that’s just asking for trouble!). Most importantly though, whether they carry a day or a week, they WILL get done. I’ve got a current goal in sight of completing every workout in my inbox 3 years running! I’m going to work hard!

Sickness – ugh! It was awful but I am taking away some positives. It was a post Christmas detox I never planned. I am off the indulgence train and back to normal. Also the last thing I consumed before becoming suddenly violently ill a couple hours later was Starbucks. I have an obsession with these frappucino drinks as you know, but after my experience this is now the last thing I want – so hopefully that sticks too! This would be a huge win if I could eliminate my cravings here. They make me weak and I’m a sucker for Starbucks marketing. I really ought to unsubscribe to their emails.

So I have jumped on the scale the last month once at begin and end whereas I had given it up the last year prior. It was mostly for some self reassurance and some motivation. Sometimes you need a little something else to kickstart you when you get into a little groove. I don’t plan on making it a habit or going back to past obsessions, but I think I’ll pull it out again for one more month  as I am hoping to do better with my food intake in 2018 and January that scale will tell me if it makes any difference. I am pretty sure December I maintained the scale which is a win, but I’ve added some gradual chubbiness fall 2017 in general, this month included, so I need to move from maintenance back to kicking my butt hard at making a difference.

Goals. I am very goal oriented. I love lists. I love goals. I love crossing things off. I need to put some harder goals on the 2018 list and work hard at them and kick my own butt. Simply put I need to go into 2018 with a solid mindset and focus.

Here is my list for 2018 fitness/health wise:

  • *I only cook on weekends (my husband does the rest of the week). My goal is to meal plan my weekends and not end up calling 1-800-TAKEOUT. That happens 50% of my cooking days.
  • *Thin out my arms. Make friends with my TKO ball. I included a 4th picture this month to show you the bulk. There is a little wiggle of course but a lot of that bulk I’d like to thin.
  • *Limit takeout to once a week family night.
  • * Water. Drink more of it and go back to keeping track.
  • *Starbucks 1x per month (if I resume to that!). I had far too many than I care to admit this last month! Last Sunday of each month!

I also have a personal goal list started and a family bucket list in which we put ideas of what we’d like to do over the year. Some things are new, some are repeat favourites.


I’m ready to take on 2018 head on and keep giving to me. I have some exciting times ahead finally moving into a new job after a long long wait and I know some trying times as my grandfather is not doing great, but I’m going to keep my fitness a focus and work on furthering my health with good food and less of the really good but not good for you food.

Thank you for following my journey, the ups and downs and reality of fitness. Sometimes it not flattering putting pictures of yourself out there barely dressed for the world to view, but that’s what makes the whole journey honest and real. I could use the tips the Instagram models use and angle myself to look slimmer, or I could wear my medium size shorts or even small tights and instantly look thinner with no bulges, but these damn small shorts (small short short shorts) are my current goal and I’ll get there rocking them with no bulges too, eventually. I won’t say those other options weren’t tempting for photos though!

Wishing you a very successful 2018 too!

Clearly I struggled with the collage this month. The program I used is no longer free and I only use it once a month and I tried a random one off the internet that I for some reason could not adjust the photo scale bigger than the size it was.  I have spent way too much time on it, so if you know any good online collage making programs… You get the idea in the photos anyway!

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