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The holidays are upon us and at this time we often think of others. A quiet angel is a term I use for doing something good without recognition or expectation of anything in return. You give quietly. Just a good deed that makes you feel good.

Often when I’ve had a not so great day or just because, I’ll stop to get flowers for someone, for no reason at all. The act of giving to another makes my bad day be forgotten. Flowers are a regular thing. I love them and I think everyone feels good receiving them. I have a great relationship with my flower store lady based on the number of times I buy a bouquet or few. She is the kindest older lady! However, the act of kindness can be anything from buying the coffee for the next person in line to mailing a sweet note and not signing your name. A surprise letter of happiness to let someone know how awesome they are. Any act, big or small, qualifies. My friends are well on to me now if I drop stuff off at random on their doorsteps just to make them smile, but there are still plenty of ways I can and still do give quietly. Even if they know, I still find the joy in brightening their day every now and again.

I’m putting together a challenge in December for YOU to be a quiet angel too. I want you to do something for someone that makes you feel good (and through the process will make the receiving person smile too). A little surprise that will brighten someone’s day. One of my favourite things to do is be a quiet angel at any time in the year, but let’s up it over the holidays.

This challenge runs from now until December 25th. To complete you just need to quietly do an act of kindness without expecting recognition or the person perhaps even knowing who it was that did it. They might suspect it was you, but trying to keep the surprise and person wondering is half the challenge of which I enjoy! Sometimes ringing the doorbell and running away so they can’t see it was me really makes me happy, and my heart pump. I also write a lot of cards in which I don’t sign my name in hopes of keeping one guessing and just bringing a smile! It’s fun and spreads happiness!

If you would like, come back here to this blog post or our Facebook page and to enter write “I was a quiet angel” as a comment to have an opportunity to win. We don’t need to know what your act of kindness was, we just want to know you completed the challenge. I mean the person may also follow Mom Cafe and the cat would be out of the bag it was you. We work well on honesty too.

Please feel free to share with your friends. Let’s have many quiet acts of kindness spread amongst our community this holiday season. We can all be little joyful elves!

Challenge Prize: Oh yeah, you deserve some awesomeness for being awesome too right? One lucky quiet angel will win a $50 gift card. We will give some options to make it suitable to your tastes or maybe just cold hard cash.

Good luck and happy giving! Thank you for being a Mom Cafe Quiet Angel!


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