Month 26: Re-Adding Focus – Royally Fit Journey

Another month in the books! This month went a lot better than last month and I think I’m back on the path of success again. Changes do not happen over night, but my focus and ability to plan food around my busy schedule was much better. I still had takeout once a week with my family and I still enjoyed Thanksgiving wholeheartedly (and much pumpkin pie!) and even fit a few functions with not so stellar but delicious food enjoyed. I practiced a good 70% diet this month which is getting closer where I want to be. The 30% was still over-indulgent, but baby steps!

I have one workout on the agenda today, which wraps up Month 26 with all workouts completed. A bonus one showed up in my inbox this morning so I will get that done next month. Looks like we’ve got 4 workouts coming this week too (instead of the usual 3), so November will definitely be adding a little extra sweat which helps me with food. I find if I’ve worked out the night before my food focus is much better the next day.

Halloween is on the horizon, but I’m not worried. I’ve skipped the last two Halloweens and I plan on doing the same this year. Not one treat means I really don’t have to flex my mental control or crave more. I gave up chocolate bars 29 months ago and haven’t slipped up here once, so I think I’m better off without them.

Today is Starbucks day! I don’t really need it and I’m not craving it half as bad as I did in the past, but I work hard all month (most months) and now that I only get one at months end, you know where to find me!

Short write up this month as I have lots on the agenda to do today. So here is my pictures on my up and down journey getting me to where I want to be. The most improvement this month was in my attitude. Last month I ended the month feeling defeated and that I had gone backwards. Now I had, but I just need to suck up that some months are going to be like that and you can turn things around the next month.

Wishing you and I a successful November!


P.S. Still these small short shorts. Still going to hang on to rocking them by December goal. 2 months ahead of working hard through the Christmas season. Good thing I love a challenge!

P.P.S. Royally Fit is offering a free 10 day Tighten and Tone program this month. If you are still eager to see what Royally Fit is about, join! It’s free. I am not going to be adding this to my plan this month as I prefer to run my own way with food (and in honesty I am not the cook in our house) and I already have a full schedule for November of events, but I will be cheering the RF ladies on and still doing all the workouts! My newest goal is to complete every workout in my inbox for 3 years (26 months in an counting)!

Here is my progress from the start – until now… with Royally Fit.

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