Month 25: Sometimes Things Don’t Go As Planned

Heading into year 3 of this Royally Fit journey I was motivated. Particularly motivated about the food side of things. This is definitely where I need the most work.

So how did the first month of food focus go? Well it was not stellar. I started off the month on fire – for everything from food to workouts, but the rest of the weeks were a bit chaotic and filled with food events. So my takeout once a week definitely did not go as planned those weeks. However, these goals are long term, and there will be more weeks ahead just like this, so it is most important that of the weeks that are normal, I stay focussed and according to the plan.

I struggled a lot this month mentally. I was looking back at photos when I was skinny, maybe too skinny, but I really liked them and missed being that way. I am fairly fit, strong, but I am stocky. The deduction I have come to is I really want to be fit and strong but skinnier.  I know I can be slimmer, I just need to put in the right focus. The odd thing is that as I stress I eat. It is what I do when I want to feel better, even though it is combatting everything I am stressing about.

Today’s photos further emphasized this. They actually make me more sad in all honesty. I have not been progressing, but I think gone a little in the opposite direction. I could blame it on all the times I ate out this month and beat myself up, baseball game, hockey game, high tea, baby shower, lunch with coworkers, lunch with best friend, charity event, school bbq, and there are likely more that are escaping me, or the fact that I am wearing shorts that are smaller than I am as I have a goal of looking good in them by December and completely didn’t commit to that this month. Or the fact that my husband and I had a late after midnight meal at McDonalds last night and I am probably incredibly bloated, but there really is no real reason in looking for an excuse to make myself feel better. What is better is putting that energy into a better October.  This is a real post too. So real photos it is.

I was so unhappy with the pictures this month that I took a 4th picture in pants my size, just to make myself feel better. Taken 2 minutes apart. It is funny how a picture can make you feel not so great and another, just moments later, not so bad.

The heat, although it seems distant with the last couple days temperatures, really killed me. I usually would avoid it but my son had a couple cross country meets and sports events and I was there cheering him on. How they survived the week in a sauna of a classroom, I’m not sure I would be able to do it! Even he came home with heat exhaustion one day. For me, between a bit of heat exhaustion myself, sinus infection, allergies and being just plain tired, I also suffered with a headache for 6 days. I am welcoming fall with open arms, as no one in this house was particularly at their best during the taste of summer in September.

This month as of this post I have done 11 Royally Fit workouts and an extra pilates session. I am set to do another once I get this posted. As one was a bonus workout, I will carry one into next month. I was going to try a Royally Fit double header tonight, but I spent some extra time prepping some healthy food for the next couple days instead. My body is feeling last nights workout too, so best to not overdo it.

Although everything else food wise was terrible, Starbucks for the win! One of my downfalls as I have discussed many times is frozen cappuccino/frappucino/frappe type drinks. I made a goal to give up all places except Starbucks – and only partake in that once per month. Let me tell you how hard it was on those hot days to say no to the cravings and not just have one. Just one wouldn’t hurt right? It was on my mind for sure, but so was being committed to myself. I held off and all month and enjoyed my treat this morning with my son! I probably also didn’t need it, but it is going to be a long time until the end of October before I partake again – and my son was counting down too.

October is a new month with the same goals. I outlined my main goals for the year in this post. Hopefully this month I will be more committed though. Tomorrow I am going to reevaluate the month and put a new plan together to get where I need and want to be.

Either way… I have come a long way from where I was with these less than flattering pictures below and I have TWO amazing years of workouts and increased fitness under my belt. I think I needed the remember that today. Over the two years I have got closer to my dream body than I am now, even with this little setback, so it is achievable! 🙂

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