Month 24: Thank you Royally Fit

The only one who can keep ourselves truly accountable is ourselves. Thank you Royally Fit for encouraging me to bring accountability and motivation to myself.

Monday, August 31st 2015 my life changed. I decided to make an investment in myself and commit to myself. I joined Royally Fit.

Post workout sweatie selfie. Last Royally Fit workout of year 2 completed!

I have been on and off the health bandwagon countless times in my life. I have never gained excessively, as I would buckle down when things got out of hand, but there have been times when the clothes told me I should hop back on the bandwagon (also helps I never want to buy new clothes). I have been skinny (even too skinny). I have been muscular (even too muscular). I have been scale obsessed. I have dieted. All of that is in the distant past.

This time was different. This time I have really committed; for 2 years now with no signs of stopping. My eating isn’t top notch all the time, but for 2 years I have committed to myself completing every single workout in my inbox. That is 52 weeks x 2 years x 3 workouts per week (plus the bonus ones too but I do not have a tally on those). This equals more than 312 workouts in the books. That is something to be proud of, and I am.


I am very muscular and thick. These calves are best shown off in heels. These thighs are like tree trunks. Learning to love the body I have, one day at a time.

This past month was the toughest Royally Fit month for me yet. It was busy and I under estimated the exhaustion I would feel from some of the bustle. We had a week of baseball with 6 games and a practice (and unexpected car trouble one evening) and after coaching and standing all those games, and the emotional investment of wanting the kids to do well, I was beat physically and mentally! I only fit one workout in that week. Last week we headed to Quebec and Ottawa for a few days and I too was exhausted the day after we got home and didn’t workout while away (minus lots of walking!). So this past week was a tough one to ensure I caught up on all the workouts outstanding to make my Sept 3, 2017 goal of completing every workout in my inbox. To make things more difficult, there were 4 bonus live workouts this month that also ended up being emailed. I did it though. It took planning, dedication, and a lot of sweat. When you want it – you go for it and I did!

I was supposed to weigh myself today. I choose to do that every 6 months now, but I decided not to. I do not need to know what I weigh. I do need to know that I commit to my workouts and I eat fruits, veggies, healthy food and treats in moderation. A little less moderation than the past summer months 😉 Whether I weigh 120 lbs or closer to 140 lbs it really does not make a difference. It just plays with your mind really. I’m pretty sure I am closer to the larger number based on my muscle mass and weigh in 6 months ago and if I did my BMI it would call me obese. Of course there will always be more work to do, you can’t get fit and stay fit without continuing to work hard, so that is exactly what I am going to do.  Whatever those numbers are – they don’t define me in the least. I encourage women everywhere to give up the scale and start focussing on other health factors.

Eating. Okay. I am really hoping to buckle down here. This is still where I struggle as I love sweet treats. I am particularly picky about my sweet treats (I do not eat everything sweet) and I have had much success by permanently eliminating some things from my life…

  • Chocolate bar free for 27 months now (even skipped 2 Halloweens with no treats whatsoever!)
  • Gave up Kawartha Dairy ice cream a year ago (feel sad with me here!)
  • Gave up Tim Horton’s Ice Cappucinnos permanently 6 months ago (I still think of these often)
  • Gave up Dairy Queen Mocha Moo Lattes 2 months ago (the only thing I craved from there – the ice cream nah – see former Kawartha Dairy addiction above)

I crave these frozen sugary drinks like this every time I drive by a place (I do not drink pop, juice, alcohol, just these!). I do not stop every time of course but it takes a lot of willpower.  So giving up the above ones I found a replacement at McDonalds! The Chai Tea Frappe or the Coffee Flavoured Frappe – either will do. So you know what that means right? They have to go too. Month 25 and on – they too are gone! Please do not tell me about anywhere else that has things like this. You can see the pattern. Even at once per week, it is too much and is not helping me forget about them. I even make my own healthy version at home sometimes – but the cravings are still there for the real sugary thing!

In the spring we discovered Frappuccinos (dairy free milk, no whip, recently ensured it is decaf coffee) at Starbucks with my son (he is 100% dairy free). We were having these in moderation as they are a treat and way too expensive, but summer also got a little bit too frequent and out of hand in my opinion. I am going to keep these in my life – but once per month. It will be a reward at month’s end for a good month of healthy eating and workouts. A mother-son date to look forward to and work hard for.

This month I am going to work on meal planning so that when I am craving something oh so delicious I replace it with a healthier version of a treat or something just plain healthy. I’ve already started baking for the school year and have been making healthier versions of recipes and freezing, so there are no excuses and healthy is on hand. Aside from the drinks I have focussed on above, my other biggest weakness is craving muffins/loaves/home baked cookies, etc. I can make all of these in healthy edition and have been working on perfecting recipes over the last year. It is just working on not eating too many of these healthier edition ones too.

September 4 2017 is the start of my 3rd year with Royally Fit. I head in after a summer of enjoyment and ready to focus a little harder. Maybe a little extra squishiness which just gives me more to work on. I can’t wait to share with you my journey and the new food focus that is coming. I am committed to me as I am so worth it.

Two years is a long time to have been at this. Some may expect that two years of workouts may have me closer to that model physique that is advertised in magazines (well the one that occurs before the makeup, airbrush and photo-shopping). Newsflash – I’m not there! Nor will I likely ever be! I choose to work on my fitness and live a happy life with real food, real fun and real treats. I am far from achieving perfection with my body (I don’t believe it actually exists!) but I do know that every workout makes me stronger, is good for my muscles, my mental mindset and is keeping me healthy. This all being said, I am always working to push myself a little further, increase my fitness and health, and invest further in myself. This brings me to my year 3 goals…

  • Drink water. Over this past month I have proven to myself I can hit that 2L target daily and I would like to keep that up.
  • Limit Starbucks treat drink to 1x per month – the other similar treat drinks are being eliminated completely. With some items I am better with an all or nothing approach.
  • Complete every Royally Fit workout in my inbox. 2 years strong. Let’s set the sights on the next year of awesomeness!
  • Try a Royally Fit Pound Class
  • *NEW* 5 minute daily stretch (on top of workouts) – I have very tight muscles and my body needs this desperately. Gain back some of my flexibility.
  • Food. Do better and more consistent approach. ‘Enough said.
  • Takeout. No more than once per week. Exhibit discipline.
  • Make better meals on my responsible two days of cooking at home.
  • Master my 16 lb TKO ball. I will dominate it.
  • Eliminate some bad for us foods one by one (e.g. we eliminated processed cheese slices a while back and never have intent to buy again, move forward with similar items slowly switching over to healthier versions).
  • Take the last 4 above one month at a time and work month by month to get better and better. Do not try to do too much at once. Set myself and family up for success.
  • See the shorts in the picture? They are small, itty, bitty shorts. I could have wore something that made everything fit in nicely and didn’t show any bulge (I’ll be honest the back picture is not my favourite!), but these are my goal shorts. I will rock these by December of this year.
  • Be kind to me. Work on loving myself and my body a little more each day. Appreciate the genes I was given and work with them.

Are you wondering about Royally Fit? Have a question about the Online Training program I use? Ask below! Or if you want to know a little more about my journey the links below will show you where I started to where I am now. This journey is real, honest and rewarding. Craving further info? Check out!

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