Month 23: Soooo close with Royally Fit!

Month 23! So close to my current goal!

So my motto that sums up this month is “I am still fit and fabulous, but I have ate myself a little squishy!”. It happens. It is summer and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I have made memories, enjoyed stadium hot dogs and scrumptious buttertarts (see Jill’s Humble Pies here! Let’s just not talk about how many…). I have had too many Starbucks almond drink Frappuccino’s and I have had many bbqs and takeout meals. I have eaten a ton of farm fresh veggies (farm share!) but it just balances the bad eating, in no way puts me ahead on the healthy side of the teeter totter! I’m just barely level this month I think – but I don’t weigh myself until next month so who knows! The clothes still fit, I am strong and I’m just squishy and bloated from the junk some days! Ok, well a lot of days… only can get better from here though!

The workouts have been done, last one of the month on the agenda today, although fitting them in where I can, some weeks it has been none to a couple, other weeks at it full force and knocking off 5-6 in a week. Summer life is busy (and loving it!), but even that being said, I WILL get my workouts done. My goal is to complete every Royally Fit workout in my inbox for the first 2 years (and then make new goals of course!). My September 3rd wrap up is not that far away! I must keep pushing hard! Only I can obtain this success for myself! Only I can make it important enough to ensure it is a must do. I am going to be so proud to say I didn’t miss one workout in 2 years! It’s close ♡

I do think I will seriously food refocus a little more in depth for year two (September and beyond), but with a full August schedule ahead, I know that August will have its food troubles too so I am not setting myself up for failure. I mean who goes to Ottawa and doesn’t have a beavertail? Or Quebec and eat poutine? I am going to try to take a healthy August 1-15 food challenge with my son though so hopefully half of the month I will be focussed! Why oh why must sugar taste soooooooo good!

All this being said about food though, even with the bloating, I have felt happy and really enjoyed myself this month. I haven’t significantly over ate most days, I just haven’t necessarily made the best selections at each mealtime.

The most important part of this journey has been my fitness. So although my eating may not be stellar all the time – I am fairly healthy. I can jump squat, I can push myself to dripping sweat and I do feel strong from the core to the quads. This is important. We often see thin models with killer abs, perky boobs and butts to boot, and think we want to look like that or get this fictitious image that it is one of perfection. There is a big difference between living life, being fit, happy and that of striving for something that is often unachievable for most of us. Our body types differ and the time we have to spend on our body differs. It is important to spend time on our ourselves, to increase our fitness and to work hard, but it is important to do so to become the best version of ourselves and not compare ourselves to another.

This month I noticed a couple friends looking for their next fitness “saviour” and it got me thinking. What I mean by that is that they are always looking for something new that is going to get them skinny and fast. Sure, there are get slim fast methods, but usually they are not healthy nor are many of them sustainable. I think that ANY fitness program can work for you, you just need to dedicate the time and give the commitment to yourself. Why does Royally Fit work for me? The workouts are quick, fast and effective. It is AFFORDABLE! The group of women in the RF Facebook group are remarkable. We are all real, supportive and doing the best we can. The goal is to make a better version of ourselves and not compare us to each other. As an aside, they do offer a meal plan as suggestions with healthy recipes, but they do not promote fad diets of any sort. This is music to my ears! They are real women promoting realistic goals and keep me challenged (which is obvious as I am still here 23 months in and still passionately motivated to keep at it!). I’m Royally Fit hooked!

This month’s pictures are below. I bought these shorts yesterday morning as inspiration to work harder next month and get the confidence to wear them. They are very short and small. Yesterday I decided after a mental battle with myself, I should just wear them now. I have never liked shorts and never felt confident, but I’m working on it. I wore them to a pool party yesterday. From the support of the ladies in the RF group, I also decided to wear them for these pictures. They show work to do still in my eyes, especially since they are tighter in the waist, but they show a starting point too for further progress that is coming and motivation to keep working hard. Thank you to all the RF ladies for the vote of confidence!

P.S. Pictures are so real and unedited I didn’t even  notice my eyes were closed in picture one until after I uploaded AND I had yet brushed my hair 🙂 That is life!

Are you just joining in on my journey? Here is how I got from where I was to where I am now!

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