Month 22: Feeling Royally Fit Strong

This past month flew by. With school ending, my son’s summer activities ramped up, all the rain, and various things we had to get done by month’s end, I’m ready for summer to start, maybe some sunshine and some holidays! I spent much of this past long weekend actually relaxing (and cleaning) as the past week I had been down and out with strep throat. It knocked me down big time and I spent a full few days in bed and many others still not at 100%. The week before I spent “resting” too as I gave my new tattoo a few days to heal.

Where does that put me with workouts? In anticipation of my tattoo I worked ahead and finished the previous week workouts early. I definitely didn’t plan for illness though so as of this past weekend I was then looking at 4 workouts still to do to round out the month. Quite the challenge since I still wasn’t feeling up to working out come Saturday. So Sunday I tackled 3 workouts and today will do the only outstanding to complete the month, along with a bonus Canada Day workout that just was assigned this past weekend (the latter wasn’t in my inbox but I like to do every challenge!). Completing these I’ll then be able to keep up with my completing every single workout that has been assigned in the last 22 months, edging closer and closer to my goal of completing every Royally Fit workout in my inbox over the 24 months!

I’m looking forward to July. There seems to be a less hurried rush when school is out. We aren’t rushing home from baseball at 8:30 pm to shower, try to read and get to bed at a reasonable time (and he never winds down at a reasonable time…), but the pressure is off. Even though I still have to work early in the mornings, I too feel some renewed energy of sunshine later in the evenings and a less rushed schedule after all the activities. Oh, and a break on school lunches! I know most moms to school aged children are with me here!

Eating for June was the norm. I’m pretty much a standard duck in this department. I can do really really well with focus, I can eat moderate with none, or I can fall off and be terrible, the latter which thankfully I’ve seemed to have grow past for the most part or eliminated lengthy binges. I would always like to do better here, but I have decided to not beat myself up over inconsistencies and just focus on my best most days. What I do know is that our farm share began this past week and this past weekend I’ve already eaten a ton of fresh veggies! We get a full share for our small family of 3, which is advertised for 2 adults plus up to 3-4 kids, so we have a lot of extra veggies to use each week and I won’t waste any! Nothing better than locally grown fresh veggies!

 Confession: I did slip up and have one DQ treat drink during my strep throat week. Just one and I couldn’t finish it 😉 I’m 4 months Tim Horton’s treat drink free, 25 months chocolate bar free, and haven’t had Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream since we broke up last fall. So I’m doing pretty well elsewhere (these things have all spelled bad news for me in the past)! I’ll rock the anti-DQ challenge this month though, it was just a moment of weakness!

This is this month’s photos. Technically I’m a day late as I wrap up usually on the Sunday of the month but it just means I’ll have one less day to be successful this month, and it’s a long weekend afterall.


P.S. The tattoo is for my Nanny. My angel. Always at my side and never far from my heart ♡ Pretty sure Royally Fit helped me here too, as my abs, and even my butt muscles were flexed absorbing the tension so that I didn’t cry!

P.P.S. Sometimes getting fit is a lot less about what we look like, and a lot more about what we can do. Goofing around with my son this morning, who was not confident I would achieve this, I went back to my childhood days of being a kid, and used my core strength in this video for a headstand. It’s raw, poor quality, but it shows me how much hard work pays off.


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