Month 21: Royally Fit Journey Continues

Month 21. That’s a pretty long time for me to not have jumped off and on the bandwagon. In the past (ages 20 to 33) I have been great at getting skinny, and falling off, and gaining 5-15 lbs and getting right back at getting skinny again. I was a perfect yo-yo! This time it’s different. There are no pounds to measure. I am heavier than all those times I was ‘skinny’ before – by more than 20 lbs! I have broken up with the scale, abolished the desire to be skinny, and replaced it with being happy, healthy and fit. I’ve always been muscular and have accepted I just need to run with larger than average thighs and a protruding rib cage, no matter how thin I ever get (you can see both in my stellar pictures below).

This past month my son and I did a #30x30challenge (see David Suzuki). It was to get outside for minimum 30 minutes together each day. We completed the challenge for 31 days, missing only one day where we were both under the weather, and quite literally as we spent many of our 30 minute sessions this past month playing in the rain. Some days it was walking the dogs together and some days it was playing sports and getting physical. I got my workout a few days just from a good game of baseball or basketball. Aside from the 30 day challenge, I took the dogs out for a good walk every day but one. It feels great to do that after spending much of my day sitting at a desk.

Eating is still mediocre. I do well for meals but it’s when stress hits and I crave treats that I cave to them. I’ve been pretty stressed out since mid-March due to multiple things just piling on. This past week a lot of the stress was lifted, with a few less things left to work through. Nothing makes me feel better than a super sweet cheat treat while I’m consuming it, then of course later adding on some stress because I did consume it and feel bad. I am guilty of stopping on my way home for a couple stress relieving Dairy Queen Moo Lattes this past month (and imagine my disappointment when I drove away Friday and they made the wrong kind!). Shhh though, my husband is diabetic and my son dairy free, so that secret is between you and me 😉 With two of the big things I was stressing out about now being lifted (or rather accepted it is just the way it is) I know I can deal with the other stuff without the food treats, I just need to reset my mental focus.

I’ve also decided to gift myself something I’ve been thinking about for about the last 18 months. It makes me want to work harder too, as it is for my body, so I’ve got that drive ahead for this month. If things all work out, I’m hoping I’ll be able to share that with you at the end of next month.

Although I’ve complained lots about the rain this month, today’s wet forecast will likely mean baseball cancellation tonight and that just might be what I need to start the month healthy tomorrow with allotting this time instead for meal prep. I made sweet potatoes brownies this past week and they were delicious. They definitely can be something to have on hand to deal with the stress type food cravings. I just need to ensure I always have something like this on hand.

Oh workouts! I almost forgot. I finally have all the bonus email workouts done and have completed every workout in my inbox these last 21 months except 2 (I should be pretty proud of this!). I’ll only carry one into next month as the other is on the agenda for today. I did fall a full week behind at the beginning of this month, but I’ve made up that ground. I’ve had to rest a sore knee too, which had been an additional frustration. After rest, ice and heat, it is ready to get back at it!

The pictures below are this morning, courtesy of my son, complete with a puppy photobomb (we should have named him Shadow), before we headed out this morning. In fact I’m typing this now while at the library as my son is with his tutor. I feel just ‘okay’. I’m just coasting along looking great in clothes but not so happy here in shorts or say my bathing suit. The kicker? I’m the only one who can change this ‘okay’ to ‘fabulous’ and I know what I need to do. I’m sorry DQ. Like Tim Horton’s ice capps, we need to break up. You were just a substitute for Timmie’s anyway, and like the scale, we aren’t meant to be friends.


Are you just joining in on my journey? Here is how I got from where I was to where I am now!

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