Month 20 : Maintenance is Progress

Considering I just left McDonalds with 3 boys in tow, where I ran into another Royally Fit member (she shall remain nameless as I am cool like that), life is all about moderation right? Today is really all about hello May and goodbye April! Phew! Let’s make this short and sweet!

This month started off great – then I had a nine day hiatus from the good eating and RF workouts mid month – and finished up strong. Our schedule this month was crazy to say the least. Next month we breathe a lot easier – at least the first 3 weeks until baseball rolls in fully. My son had 8 commitments per week this month (you can call me mom taxi!), on top of myself working full time, an additional 2-3 hrs homework a week for a program my son is completing and my new commitment to my now 9 month old puppy to really start the official obedience and training process (I slacked here in the winter). That (puppy training) is coming along very well – but it means I spent 35 minutes minimum every single day walking and working with him – even in the pouring rain. That works out to 28 walks in this RF reporting period which adds nicely to the 11 RF workouts I will have completed (last one on the agenda today) and the 2 bonus ones they sent last month I’d said I’d do this month. Of course another bonus was sent this month too, and I’m carrying that into next month for sanity purposes along with RF#12 from this month.

He is cute right? Certainly keeps us on our toes! Training is going so VERY well so it is worth it!

My schedule was overloaded this month. No fault other than my own, but I like to wholeheartedly commit to things and not do anything with half efforts.  Attendance is a very important thing to me and something I wish to instill in my son. We miss nothing unless warranted and that is extremely rare. This meant time was tight on many nights and when I did have a few minutes to sit, I just sat, and did absolutely nothing, caught up on my phone or went to bed. Some nights it was a choice between a workout and the puppy, the puppy always won as this foundation training is really important right now (and by puppy I mean 9 month old 80+lbs of energy!). If I haven’t mentioned before I do not like to miss anything – and am there for every single event I possibly can be when it comes to my son. Somehow, I will and do make almost everything work.


Next month I know I have more time and that should equal more focus. I am not sure I have ever been so ready to start a new month. I am still working on drafting where I want to go and what I want to accomplish. Am I happy with how I look? Is it now all about maintenance and increasing fitness? Would I still like to tone and tighten some areas? Lean out? There are a lot of questions above these and I have not fully figured them out. Right now keeping up with my workouts and eating pretty moderate has me pretty much staying stagnant (even when I fall off for 9 days and did a little Easter and a lot of stress eating). This isn’t a bad thing, I am not in a bad place and won the war with the scale, but I honestly don’t know where I want to be when you insert reality. I definitely do not want to go to a body builder type of body – that is not my wish or dream (nor do I ever think I could put in the commitment to make that possible – I love food!), but how I do want to be is still something I have not fully decided on.  I was granted these stocky thighs for a reason right? One of these years I will just learn to embrace and love them!

I hope you had a great month and did something for YOU! If you are looking to give back to yourself I highly recommend jumping into the Royally Fit family! There is a reason I am 20 months in and going strong! Maybe consider trying a free class if you aren’t exactly sure and invite a girlfriend and get sweaty together! I have my eye on the new Pound class sometime in the future! If you want to know more about my journey see the posted links below for how far I have come and how real this journey is!

I’ll check in again next month! See you then!

P.S. One of my goals this year was having my hair down and done more often. I’ve found this is a hard goal to do when I am committed to my workouts and always getting it sweaty, needing to be washed and going to be with it wet! Maybe next month I’ll get it done for the photos!

Are you just joining in on my journey? Here is how I got from where I was to where I am now!


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