Apple Pie Day – March 25

Today is Apple Pie Day for our family. One year ago today we said goodbye to my Nanny. She was the rock to our family and has been greatly missed. Life has not been the same, but through it all I’ve found strength, focus, and a drive to live each day to its fullest and find the most happiness this world can bring me. The last few years have opened my eyes and shown me a lot. I will make her proud.

My Nanny made the best apple pies. Pastry from scratch and they were like medicine for the soul. Last year we decided to make the day she passed Apple Pie Day. A day to remember her with happiness and warm memories rather than a day to be sad. In 91 years she made a lot of apple pies. Her first one she remembered so well as her father had thought there was cardboard on the bottom. My guess is the pastry was not so melt in your mouth as she perfected over time. It was a story she told often and made her smile. She was 17 and proud of that pie. My husband makes some pretty darn good apple pies too. In the last year before she passed, he made her some apple pies she was pretty impressed by. We all are going to make one together this year! I want my son to know how lucky he was to have her in his life, but not to be sad, but grateful. We will chat as we eat our pie and have tea.

Tomorrow, March 26th, is National Make Up Your Holiday day. We’ve made one of our own, Apple Pie Day, what holiday would you make up? Does your family have your own unique tradition?

Check out more on this special bear. She also brings a special warmth to our hearts, today and every day.


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