Month 18: I’m getting the hang of this Royally Fit thing!

Month 18. I’ll warn you it is a long one. I’ve been giving to myself for 18 months now but I feel compelled this year to do even a little more.

Since my last post I’ve turned 35 and I am determined to make this year one of my healthiest yet. I am not defining healthy in terms of stellar abs and skinny thighs (let’s just say the latter will not happen in this lifetime) but healthy in terms of physical fitness, mental clarity, rest, energy, and emotionally happy. Self care will be a priority. This past month I started working with a pelvic floor specialist (I have learned so much about myself here – maybe more on that later!) and a massage therapist. It is a start of medical self care. I have had chronic shoulder and more recently neck problems for too long and I’m taking the time to correct it and intend to keep up with it. I’ve pursued correction in the past, but I usually do not keep up with treatment which eventually puts me 10 steps back. It was a tough month as those massages are not relaxing when there is work to be done, and you come away pretty sore while you heal. I’ve also experienced some terrible headaches as a result of the neck issues and there are many days I didn’t feel very great. However, it is a step in getting to be the best healthy I can be!

I have made a goal to read more, 12 books this year – one a month.  Get my head out of the world of social media (I spend too much time there) and absorb a good book.  I am ahead of the game and currently on book 3 (check out what I have read here)! I’ve made time for more relaxing bubble baths and it turns out it is a great time to read! We also implemented a family day each week. We stay home the whole day! We ensure our running around is completed the days before and we just relax, throw dinner in the crockpot or the oven, and usually take in a family movie snuggled together (3 of us + 2 dogs!). It has become my most favourite time of the week. We’ve said no to a lot of invites and plans on these days, but I feel it is important for our family to spend this time together. I am a go-go-go personality and thrive on it, but I need to step back and relax too. It has also given me a little more time to prep and plan the week.

I started the month off with cheesecake, and loads of it. Being one of my most favourite things, my birthday contained a lot of it. Let’s just say 6 out of 8 days I partook in delicious creamy cheesecakes of all sorts. My birthday also lasted about 9 days this year – which was pretty stellar – but not so great in the eating department in terms of “healthy”. We only get this time once a year though right? So the last 3 weeks I ate much better to make up for the birthday celebrations. I committed to a February of no take out (aside from green tea) and I was successful. My family still enjoyed Friday night takeout but I abstained and made myself something. We also spent a lot less on takeout as I actually cooked the 2 days a week I am supposed to for our family. It was a fairly good month and I need to carry these actions into March.

Early on in the month after chatting with my husband we also noticed I had developed a snacking habit over the holidays, November, December, January, eating things I would not usually eat. I consumed too many late night treats like chips and such and I am sure it was not helping with my bloating or general feeling of not making progress. I curbed that over the last three weeks now that I recognized it and feel much better about myself just doing that!

I didn’t eat completely “clean” these past three weeks. I ate healthy with moderation and regular foods. I am never going to eliminate things I enjoy completely from my diet. I’ve decided that I am just going to do the best I can based on what works for me. “Dieting” is not an option I will ever consider again and something like a baked potato, I enjoy it with sour cream. I do not add butter/margarine, just sour cream. I am not going to eliminate that but I am not going to eat it every day. I did spend time Sunday preparing oatmeal for breakfasts and put more thought into lunches. Baby steps. I naturally bake a lot healthier and opt to healthier options or substitutions. I will get there with a little more focus each month.

Workouts – all done! Some days were a struggle as mentioned above I did not feel great many days this month and I did take some mini blocks of days off. However, that being said, I revisited my schedule and found other timeslots to fit in the workouts. In 18 months of my Royally Fit journey, I can say I have not missed even one workout posted. Tonight I wrap up my last one and tomorrow I begin month 19. That is at least 230+ workouts! If I add in my pilates sessions and the mini bonus workouts I have done, the number would be pretty impressive. It makes me kind of wished I kept all my workout calendars to add them all up, but after a month is complete I discard them. There is no point looking back when the only direction I am looking to go is forward. I am even more focussed on keeping the momentum going.

The scale. Saved this normally dreaded moment for last. You know, I haven’t even concerned myself with the scale over the last year, I’ve only weighed in every 6 months and it is a good feeling. This morning I stepped on, and I weigh just a pound different than I did 17 months ago! But let me tell you, I am a whole lot different! 6 months ago I was down to 131.2 lbs, yet now I feel better, look better and am happier today regardless of the scale. Today I am weighing in at 137.8 lbs. There are probably 2-3 pounds of cheesecake and that recognized snacking habit still kicking around but check out those pictures (big difference – and only one pound!) and look at the one below. The scale is only a number that does not define you. I’m pretty sure my BMI calls me obese… I’ll check in again next month and I’ve put that scale away for another 6 months. It doesn’t motivate me and it doesn’t matter.

My 18 month pictures are below. Am I happy with them? Truthfully, I am never super happy with my pictures, but it just motivates me to keep working. I know my eating went for a loop for the holidays and I am only just started to recover these last few weeks. They are real, unposed, terrible lighting and taken by my 9 year old. They do not show my strength or fitness level. They are only a part of this journey to being healthy.

Are you just joining in on my journey? Here is how I got from where I was to where I am now!

Here is my progress from the start – until now – with no signs of stopping!


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