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This past Saturday my son and his friends took part in a cooking class with Pepperbean. I had heard great things about her and her classes as at least two of my friends had registered their boys (older than my own) in classes with her. The smiles the boys came back with confirmed they enjoyed it just as much.

We have worked with several catering companies and brought food related monthly playdates to the Mom Cafe community, but many of them were more on the decorating or assembling side, with very few learning how to cook from scratch, and the work involved. Prior to attending we had set the recipe as a homemade soup and muffins, but when they boys got there she was armed with many extra ingredients due to a birthday party in the afternoon, she gave them options. They decided on homemade pizza, cookies and broccoli bites. They brought all of their food home with them (minus the nibbles they’d already eaten from their pizzas).

My son had enough to divide up such that he, dad and myself had a little lunch. It was nice. The cookies were so tasty – they weren’t just a chocolate chip cookie but full of caramel, toffee and soft melt in your mouth texture. Don’t tell my son but I ate an extra when he wasn’t looking and he is lucky any of them survived past lunch. Soft chewy cookies are a weakness!

I want my son to learn life skills. Prior to leaving home, and even in his teen years, I want him to be able to cook for himself and for the family when needed. He has grown up watching his dad do 90% of the cooking, so men in the kitchen is not a foreign concept. He has helped both of us at times, but kids all seem to learn better when you give them some independence, make it fun and allot the time to do so. Rushing to get dinner on the table in 30 minutes usually isn’t the best time to learn chopping up veggies. He’s mastered laundry now (I’m serious, even at 9 and he thinks it is fun!) so he is certainly capable of moving forward in cooking basics with supervision. I like that I can drop him off and he can learn and be excited to teach me and tell me about it – and I get a few hours free! This time I enjoyed a lovely tea date with a friend – and I do need more of that in my life so it was win-win!

What does Pepperbean offer? We encourage you to check out her website, but here are a few of the highlights:

  • Parent & Tot Cooking Classes
  • Kids & Teens Cooking Classes (divided by appropriate age group for optimum learning)
  • Adult Classes
  • Birthday Parties
  • Field Trips for Groups like Scouts/Homeschoolers/Dance Groups/Etc.
  • A whole lot of fun and useful knowledge!

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