Keeping it Natural – Deodorant Update

Almost a year ago I switched to an all natural deodorant (you can read about my change here). I do not have a family history of breast cancer, but I am not looking to start one either. I have read enough articles about possible links to chemicals we are applying daily to our bodies (moisturizers, deodorants, cleaning scrubs, masks) that has prompted me to start making some changes. Little changes one by one, to a healthier well being.

I used the homemade one I first bought for about 7 months before getting some irritation. This may have been from the summer heat, I am not exactly sure but this with where I originally purchased the product no longer on my route home, it prompted a switch.  I then switched to an all natural crystal (I purchased it from Bulk Barn) based on others I know that use one. The crystal did not work as well or last as long – maybe ¾ of my day and was a little rough on application. Still, I found it better than using a chemical laden stick. The advantages of the crystal would be that is will last you forever and day (mine barely looks worn) and that if you have it with you it would be simple to reapply. However, you’d probably want to have two then, to keep one at home and one in your purse. I never got around to getting the second one part.

I did forget to apply deodorant I think 5 times over the last year when my morning routine was off and I did have to reach for an old normal deodorant still sitting in my desk drawer. I didn’t until about half way through the day but had to avoid starting to really smell! I think my coworkers will have noticed if I hadn’t. On weekends I rarely apply anything until I am getting ready to go out somewhere. My body has adjusted to sweat much less since starting the all natural route, but it took a good month or so to get there – so don’t give up when you first make the change. It is like your body goes through a mini detoxification first.

Most recently I have tried another all natural with different ingredients than my first, making it softer and more whipped like, easier to apply and the addition of essential oils. I am already in love. I have found it works great – all day – and maybe as good as the original I tried of fewer ingredients, but softer on my skin with application and smells pretty! I am super happy and will be continuing with this. I plan on keeping a second one in my desk drawer, just in case I happen to forget one morning, and can throw away the other emergency stick and use the same product I am used to. I plan on starting off my son with an all natural deodorant too when he is ready to start. Might as well avoid the chemicals from day one!

We posted originally where you can find natural deodorants locally or online, and I have added to the list and reposted below:

  • Shari’s Essentials (the current homemade version I am using)
  • Homemade Coconut Oil Based Deodorant  (check out a recipe you can make yourself here)
  • Aide Bodycare Deodorant (also a local Durham business!)
    • Just an aside, although I have yet to try them myself – more than a few friends have raved about Aide Bodycare and all their products, including deodorant.
  • Delish Naturals Deodorant (Canadian business!)
  • Batty’s Bath  (Ontario business and a lot of natural products!)
  • Rock salt based deodorants (All Natural Crystal came brand recommended)
  • PiperWai Natural Deodorant (USA company)
  • Love Fresh Deodorant (USA/Canada)
  • Tom’s of Maine (available in most bigger stores health food sections)
  • Young Living and Arbonne also have some more natural options!
Have you made the switch? Are you thinking of it? Tell us your favourite product or what you do to combat body odor naturally!

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