Month 17 w/Royally Fit!

My month 17 technically ends Sunday, but I will have no time between now and then to actually get on the computer to post, so we are reporting a couple days early! I’ve got two workouts left to finish the month and before I begin my 18th month Monday, they will be done!

January was a tough month. Physically and mentally. I was less driven than I normally am (particularly mid month) as other hurdles dampened my mood and motivation.  During the second week I did something to my calf, cramped/strained/overworked and it took 4 days not to hurt just walking. The next week my period really beat me up. I went to bed early 4 nights in a row, sleeping 8 hrs+, yet was still exhausted. Mentally these situations did have an effect and I had to play catch up on the weekends to keep me on pace. The good news? I conquered and sometimes rest is really needed.

However… there was the eating… This month is full of celebrations for us. My grandfather turned 95, my son celebrated his 9th birthday, and Monday I turn 35! If I only celebrated each of these things once it might not have been so bad, but you’ve heard of birthday weeks right? Well that about explains the number of indulgences (weeks x3!)! I’ll be honest right now too, this weekend is not going to be any different!

February. New focus. New energy. I need to eat better. It’s also scale month. I haven’t weighed myself in 6 months and I have no idea where I stand. I think I’ve been pretty stagnant and I don’t expect it to have budged. I’ve figured out what I need to do if I want to maintain my current body and have been doing that for some time. If I want to progress I need to work a little harder, and that really all comes down to eating.

Some experts say health comes down to 80% diet and 20% working out. So if I’m nailing the workouts but only giving it 50-60% on my diet, I’m still only giving myself a solid C+. To get to the B+/A level I need to regain focus and curb the eating functions (aim for the 80% good/20% moderation diet rule).

I’m going for 28 days of February take out free (except green tea). I think a good tough kick in the butt (and a little all or nothing before going back to moderation) might be just what I need. The last week I spent a little bit more time prepping breakfasts and snacks and that will be my mission to survive February. I’m also going to focus on a few mental health things, like getting more posts up here on the website, spending less time on my phone in the evenings and taking a book to my son’s functions instead, and planning out the next few months with an equal balance of chaos and rest.

Below is where I stand today. 17 months of Royally Fit dedication. 17 months of becoming a better version of me – physically and mentally. The last picture, which is less than flattering, if you look close you can even see cellulite (damn my new cell phone picks up everything!). I noticed it right away and I am pointing it out because it is real. We are all real, not photoshopped, airbrushed fitness models. Royally Fit has helped me to be comfortable in my skin, embracing my flaws and all. Thanks to my eldest furbaby for the photobomb too!

Finally, to end this month, I want to give a shout out to all the fabulous Royally Fit women. It is rewarding to be part of such an amazing group and we are all doing amazing things by giving back to ourselves in the form of health and fitness. Let’s continue to rock 2017!

Are you just joining in on my journey? Here is how I got from where I was to where I am now!

Here is my progress from the start – until now – with no signs of stopping!

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