Month 16 – Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

I hope you had a great set of holidays and Happy New Year!

This past month has been a crazy one, the first two weeks I fought the beginnings of a cold, we had 4 family Christmases over the month and other family functions, a lot of eating outings and takeout (soooo much takeout!), baking galore and really enjoyed ourselves. Lets not forget the two boxes of Turtles that somehow disappeared this past week. However, I was determined to complete this month, this year, on track and with every workout done, to officially say I’ve kept the same track record for the last 16 months (last one for month 16 is on the agenda today with Month 17 beginning tomorrow!).

Week 1 and 2 of this month I only actually got 2 work outs done each week (plus 12 days of Christmas mini workouts – see below). Week 3 (the week of Christmas) I was determined and I got caught up in the first 2 days, squishing 4 workouts into 24 hours! I then took 5 days off over Christmas to fill my face and finished off this week with a bang over the last couple days. Waking up sore this morning!

This month I also did the 12 days of Christmas which included some mini bonus workouts. I did miss the high fives and hugs challenge (unless you count my own family members over the month), but got all the hard core things in like squats and burpees! If you are interested in mini challenges for yourself you can check them out on @missroyallyfit Instagram! Any time is a good time to do them!

Overall the last two months were mediocre. Yes I got my workouts in but my eating was less than stellar. I’m happy I enjoyed myself and I definitely exhibited more control than in years past, but truthfully the tasty delicious feasts I did eat left me feeling bloated and little bit ugh! I’m really ready to start January off with some clean eating and say goodbye to the constant treats. I’ll still be celebrating lots in January (birthdays galore!) and continuing to be moderate in my diet, but the every single day of the last 7 -10 days has got to go!

I posted the 16 month pictures at the bottom of this post. I’ll be honest and I was kind of dreading them this morning after the things I consumed! What is honesty of a post without picture proof though? The good news is, I still am doing pretty good and moving in the right direction and/or maintaining – which is a reflection of the the Royally Fit program as a whole. It is a REAL approach. There were no expectations not to enjoy ourselves over the holidays, but there were tools there to allow us to do so and not completely fall off the bandwagon. The bonus 2-11 minute workouts (plus the regulars) this month did have an effect to moderate the eating – and we all have 2-11 minutes to spare to do them. All the workouts sent are 15-30 minutes, and a busy as life gets I CAN and WILL find the time to do them.

Goals for January:

This journey is about transforming myself into a better happier person. It isn’t all about the fitness but the mental journey and how I feel is just as important. I’ve got a few goals to work on over the year, not just the month of January.

  1. Water. Seriously. I can do better. I know I get dehydrated (my mood, my skin) and with it being winter I need to focus more here. My new watch keeps track of water too so…. there really not to be any excuses!
  2. Stretching. Life has been crazy lately such that I am just getting my RF workouts done and haven’t really been able to add in pilates in the last couple months. I need that good stretch. This month I would like to get at least one pilates session in each week and continue it again as a regular practice.
  3. As with above, spend a little extra time after my workouts to stretch a little more too. Hold the stretches a little longer and not be as eager to head to the shower right after my workout.
  4. Meditate. Starting with once a week. If you asked me ever if I’d pick this up I would have told you that I didn’t have time for it or it wasn’t for me. The 12 days of Christmas challenge I did a mini meditation and used a YouTube video. It felt freaking fantastic and went by too fast. The silence and breathing was heavenly. So, I’m going to take just 5 minutes to start to do this each week.
  5. My hair. I neglect this department far too often. Throw it back in a ponytail and voila. I’d like to put a little more effort here. It takes work as I was gifted (seems hardly the word) thick, frizzy hair (think Albert Einstein on wake up). For a change it is somewhat managed in my month 16 pictures this time too! Have to start off on the right foot right?
  6. Complete my other personal challenges (for example I’m on an ice cream hiatus and I’m 4 months into my 6 month Ice Cappuccino break in hopes of completely breaking the cravings!). There are a few others but these are the current main two.

I’m sure I’ll have lots of new goals over 2017, but these will get me started and on the right track to move forward.

Are you just joining in on my journey? Here is how I got from where I was to where I am now!

Here is my progress from the start – until now – with no signs of stopping!

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