A Quest for Dry Nights – GoodNites Review

We posted earlier this month that we were looking for a family to test a package of GoodNites Bedtime Pants we received from Influenster. We found a family who was willing to review and struggling with their 7 year old son wetting the bed 5-6 times per week. This is what they had to say about them!


Did you receive the GoodNite product for free to test out from Mom Cafe? Who tested the product out? Yes. Boy. Age 7

Does the child have normal bedwetting? Random? How often would you say they are walking up wet a week? Yes, he wets the bed normally 5-6 times a week.

How often did you use the product over the month? Nightly?
We put them on him nightly.

How did you child feel about wearing the product?  My son enjoyed wearing the product he felt that they were part of his pajamas.

How did the month go? Did the GoodNites make for dry beds and contain the bedwetting?  Instead of waking up nightly with wet underwear and bed, he woke up 4 out of 6 nights dry. His father and I felt this product helped show him the joys of waking up not wet.

We have tried everything from restricting before bed drinks and cutting down or out drinks after supper. We have tried even monitoring drinking after returning from school. Waking him up before we go to bed to pee. Nothing seemed to help he still wet the bed. I feel confident that this product will help him feel better and want to stay dry. We celebrate every morning that he is dry.

This product definitely helped this family and their son with less laundry and feel a lot more confident upon wake-up. It is helping them to celebrate more in the mornings with more dry nights! There are many causes that can be behind bedwetting and GoodNites Bedtime Pants can help. If you have a child experiencing problems with bedwetting, this could be solution for you. The products are available for kids up to 12 years of age. Rather than be embarrassed about a wet night, they can wake up with comfort and confidence. What mom couldn’t do with a little less laundry too?

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