Month 15: I’m still plugging away…

Month 15. This month was summed up as “mediocre”! It was a very busy one, full of many commitments and outings and to be honest, exhaustion. I was tired – so much more tired than I ever am.

It was a 5 week month for me, which means 15 workouts assigned, and although mid month I took a 6 day hiatus from my workouts, and worked a little harder this last week to get back on track, as of today I did manage to finish the month with 15 completed (one carrying from last month + 14 this month. I do have hopes of getting that last one done tonight though for a complete month!).

Eating was less than stellar. There were days where I didn’t eat at all (Mom Cafe Christmas Open House as an example, I just forgot during the bustle of the day) and others where we ate out 3 times in a weekend due to parties, festivities, fundraisers, etc. There was very little consistency and although I’m all about eating in moderation and happily eat treats for special occasions,  there were a few too many of these and it’s left me feeling a little bloated by the end of this month and maybe an extra pinch on those love handles. As I don’t meet with the scale again until February, I won’t really know if there was number damage, I don’t really care and I’m really glad not to find out.

December will be busy like November, and my goals are simple. Do my workouts and enjoy myself. I’m not going to splurge each day in December but these good times only come once a year, as do Christmas cookies, egg nog, and fruit cake, so I will enjoy. I will still hit my workouts hard, and eat well aside from festivities, but I won’t be the only one eating salad at Christmas dinner, that I can promise you.

January I’d like to put in place some bigger goals. Although I don’t weigh myself often (once every 6 months now) I think I’ve been pretty stagnant for a while with progress. The pictures look very similar month to month. It is great that I’ve maintained myself at a pretty good place – I have kept my commitment to my workouts for 15 months already (heck I haven’t missed one!) and I do way better with eating and have come to reality with a lifestyle rather than a get fit quick scheme, but I’d like to put in a little more work for me. Some more effort during my workouts and some effort into my diet. In honesty, my quads are stellar compared to where I was. They are still huge – but gaining tone and extremely muscular. This doesn’t show in the photos, but is a very noticeable change over the last 15 months. It is my lifelong goal to eventually like (love might be going too far) my legs – so I’m making headway! Next month I’ll reveal my specific January goals.

I like ending things on a good note, so in addition to the 15 workouts I did this month, I also did 300 burpees in one evening. I was sweaty, out of breath, and definitely felt badass. Part of this journey is how we look, part of it is how we feel mentally and physically, but a lot of this journey is fitness. This isn’t shown by a picture but rather in the hard work we are able to do. This is something that has definitely increased during my 15 month journey and it’s an important part that’s often missing in my review.

Wishing you all a happy holidays! I’ll be back writing again right around the new year!

Photos courtesy of my son again this month, mid day and quickly on the fly Saturday before getting ready for our first family Christmas!

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