I have a problem. It’s called Ice Cream.

Ice Cream. I like it. I like it a lot. I love it. I hate it. I have mental battle with it. Ugh – it is a total love hate relationship.

It’s no secret I love to bake and I love my sweets. I have toned down on them significantly over the years and feel more in control. Then there is ice cream.

I used to love chocolate bars too. Maybe even an addiction. I gave those up 18+ months ago and never looked back. I haven’t had one single bar since.

Ice Cappucinos. I enjoyed those too much too prior to joining Royally Fit 15 months ago. However I cut back significantly and am now on a hiatus (2 + months in) from them too. I might just need to put these on the forever list now that I’m over them too.

Then there is ice cream. I gave it up for my first 10 months of Royally Fit and was doing great. Then this summer I had a funnel cake delivered to me as a random act of kindness and it was the start of my decline (I had never had a funnel cake and I was not wasting it!). At the trailer I had a Kawartha Dairy cone with my son. That became another cone and another week after week. Then I discovered a Kawartha Dairy Store two blocks from me… you get the drift. It is like an obsession. Even when I am trying to abstain I am thinking about it.

I broke up with the Kawartha Dairy Store about 6 weeks ago. It was a good feeling, but I subbed it’s absence with Dairy Queen mocha moo lattes. Too many. I’m always (trying to) justify why I should take a trip there or why I’m deserving.

20160609_185600Some things I can enjoy in moderation,  some things not so much. I don’t know why I crave it so much as there is really no other food I think about more. It is a mental battle as I don’t believe it’s a sugar addiction.  I can eat any other sweet without ill effects of craving more. It has some magical spell over my taste buds as I don’t even feel good after eating it!

So it is time to admit my addiction to ice cream and put an end to it. I am so focussed and on point with my workouts. I haven’t missed a workout in 14+ months now so I know I have the strength somewhere to get this cold, sweet mental taste out of my head.

I am bigger than the multi scoop rich tasting cones. I am stronger than the thick icy rich moo lattes. I am going to conquer this battle.

Royally Fit gave me an idea in a weekly challenge this past few weeks. Every time I think of ice cream I’m going to do 20 push ups or 100 sit ups. Abs are better than ice cream right?

I’ll keep you posted on the progress. I’m going to be successful. I may even come out of this with fantastic abs. Just don’t invite me out for ice cream okay?

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