Royally Fit Month 13 & Year 2 Goals

dsc_9379Month 13 started off very strong. The first two weeks I kicked butt on my workouts, adding in cross country runs with my son, mini bonus challenges and pilates sessions, in addition to the 3 Royally Fit workouts sent to my inbox. The third week was tough. At the end of week two my 94 year old grandfather had a heart attack. All the feelings I’d previously wrote about in my Circle of Life post came back. The sadness of losing my Nanny this past spring was brought back to the limelight. I’ve struggled for the last two weeks with emotions and this last week adding my period to the mix really made me an emotional moody (I’m sure my family can vouch for this) disaster.

The good news is my grandfather is recovering, extremely tired, but no blockages were found and he will just need lots of rest for some time. The other good news is that even though I felt off more days than on the last couple weeks, I still finished my workouts for the month, finishing off with a double header sweat session last night to wrap up month 13. It gave me a little inspiration to pull my head back together and head strong into Month 14.

It is okay if you are not on your game every day. If I wasn’t feeling it I took a rest day. I try not to do any workouts where I’m not giving at least 80%. I strive for 100% – but there are days when I need to make a modification or I’m just not as fast or strong as I usually am.  On one occasion I started a workout but my body both physically and mentally was beat. I turned off the video and did it the next day. It is important we push ourselves,  but equally important we listen to our bodies too.

I have meant to specifically make a post about my year two goals but I never got to it this month. I figured I might as well put them here!
  • complete all the Royally Fit workouts sent to my inbox. This includes the 3 x per week regular workouts and any bonus sessions. I think it would be amazing to say that I didn’t miss a workout in year two, like I accomplished in year one!
  • continue to work on the water – I’m still struggling with this and it gets harder as the colder months come and I prefer my green tea.
  • stretch a little more. I’ve definitely gained back my strength and got stronger but I’d like to also get more flexible. I would like to regain some of that flexibility from my youth and gymnast days!
  • try to get at least active once a week with my son. Whether it is a run, walk with the dog, snow sledding and climbing hills, practicing karate, pretending we are WWE champions/wrestling or actually doing a workout with weights, I’d like to set aside time for this every week. We play outside a lot, but often he is doing the activity and I’m watching now that he always has friends to play with instead of me. He signed up for cross country this year so this past month it gave us plenty of time to run together!
  • do one Royally Fit class sometime in year two. Did you know they also have classes? I’m putting this on the bucket list to check one out so I can tell you more! Now to choose between the fabulous Miss Kaylie or Nicole… maybe I’ll have to try both!
  • I think I’m at a good place with my eating, but there will always be room for improvement. I really would like to keep the 80 healthy/20 in moderation rule as a lifetime mission.
  • The scale! I’ve put that bad boy away again and will check in at month 18 and month 24. I am definitely less bloated than my weigh in at the end of last month, but that number doesn’t really mean anything to me anyway!
  • Continue to inspire (hopefully!) moms/women to take some time for themselves. As little as thirty minutes at 3x a week can be life changing. Mentally, physically and emotionally it makes us better versions of ourselves.

Pictures this month courtesy of my 8 year old son as we are off and running to our Bricks 4 Kidz playdate!


I’m on to Month 14. I will work hard but I’ll also take time to stop and taste the pumpkin pie over Thanksgiving. This journey is about moderation and smiling every step of the way.

Are you just joining in on my journey? Here is how I got from where I was to where I am now!

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