Month 14 – My Royally Fit Journey Continues….

This was a month of less than stellar eating and a month I’m ready to put behind me. I’ve done a lot worse, but every week of this month had its moments. This last week I had good intentions with going refined sugar free for the week, but let’s just say today I had McDonald’s breakfast (before the pictures below too – what was I thinking?) and had pizza on Friday…

 This month we were sent 3 bonus workouts to our inbox,  in addition to the regular 3 per week. They weren’t intended for regulars to do, but as public samples on YouTube that anyone could do to see what Royally Fit is about. I’ve added them to my list to do so I can truly say I’ve finished every workout in my inbox (even though I’ve actually already done them once when originally assigned but I will repeat!). I got one of the three done this month and will carry the other bonus two into November. If you want to see these samples and try them for yourself, check out the Royally Fit YouTube channel. I’m sure you will be happy you did!

As for regular workouts,  I’ve got two to finish up tonight to round out October and I’m still on track for completing all workouts in the last 14 months (yay me!). I am ok if I carry one to the next week or next month, but my goal is to always get them done, with less focus on which day of the week or when, just completed. I strive to never get behind enough I can’t catch up. No more than one workout carrying at any given time. It seems to be working!

So what happened this month? Well in general, life! Lots of personal things we worked through/working through in addition to the loss of our remaining cat, we got a new puppy and there was Thanksgiving…  but there will always be something. I choose not to use them as excuses, as I would be able to always find something. Instead they are just normal life hurdles I’ll always push to overcome. The more we let excuses rule our life, the less successful we are. We can always find a positive to keep us going in the right direction.

I went to too many functions this month with food or ordered in a few too many times. It happens. It is part of the journey. I know I could get more fit faster, eat even better, lift heavier, work harder, but you have to find the happy medium. I have not put a finish line on this journey. I’m conquering it and bettering myself a little each day, one day at a time. The most important part is not giving up.

Last year I was motivated enough that I didn’t touch one Hallowe’en candy/chocolate. That is my goal again this year!


Super tight on time today so pictures courtesy of my son! Not the best collage or picture taking angles, but for personal accountability still shows where I am at!


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