Happy ONE YEAR Royally Fit Anniversary To ME!


Last year one workout completed and a sweaty selfie to celebrate!

12 months have passed since I started this Royally Fit journey. I have stayed committed despite any of the struggles thrown at me over the year. I am very proud to say I have completed EVERY. SINGLE. WORKOUT. Royally Fit has posted in my year since joining and some more than once! Sometimes I would carry one over in a extra busy week, but I would catch up the following week and as of today I have finished them all! In fact, there were a couple I only gave about 60% effort in and I went back and repeated to ensure I gave it my best effort. Other mini bonus workouts I completed many times just to get a little more active in any week. Outside of the summer, I also fit in Pilates sessions a couple times a month. I am most proud not at the workouts per se, but that I committed to ME for the last 12 months. I’ve still got work to do, but I’ve proved it is possible to stay committed. I can. I will. I did.

This year I dealt with a lot of loss. I lost my Nanny in the spring, and a friend just this last month and my best friend moved to another province last fall. It has been an emotional roller coaster of a year for so many reasons, but I couldn’t let it stop me. This summer I enjoyed a lot more treats than the 10 months prior, but it was summer and I am all about moderation. Life is short, worth living and I’m doing just that. I even had an alcoholic beverage this month – I hadn’t had one of those since we started trying to have a baby (9.5 years ago!) as I’m a dessert over wine kind of gal! What I have learned most though, is that intermittent splurging keeps you sane, it is deserved when you work hard and I think it makes you more dedicated when you are working out.

My body is still far from what I would deem as “perfect” or where I want to be, but it is getting closer each day and I love being a work in progress. I am following a REAL approach and am long over magazine photoshopped bodies. My calves are kind of beautiful now, being the only part so far that seems very defined, strong and lacking a pinch of extra meat that my inner thighs and hips still hold on to so well. The rest of my body is on its way! My butt has shrunk significantly as have my love handled hips and my muscles are much stronger and defined. My core is strong and I have abs!

Most importantly, I am more fit and I am getting more so every day. This month I could plank and wall sit in perfect form for greater than 4 minutes and 30 seconds – I am going for 5 minutes and I’ll get there really soon I just need to put more time towards it. I can jump squat, I use weights, I have greater endurance and I am able to push myself a little harder as time goes on.

One hour ago I finished my last workout for the first year. I was going to wait until tomorrow to take pictures, weigh in and post, but then I said – what does it matter? I am more bloated as the day goes on (it is after 5 pm), and I may be a pound or two lighter in the morning or if I wasn’t at this point in my menstrual cycle, but this journey has no finish line, so no matter what it says it is still just the end of year one and the start of year two.

So that brings me to the dreaded scale. When I started out a year ago I wanted to lose 10-15 pounds. I was focused on pounds. I gave up the scale about 7 months ago. It no longer became important to me. I weighed in this evening to see where I was at as I promised I would do at one year, but I’ll tell you it is back in the cupboard for at least another six months. It is not important. I started this journey weighing 146.2 lbs and now I weigh 131.2 lbs.  I lost 7.5 lbs the first month – so a lot was bloating and my eating habits I am sure. Seven months ago when I stopped letting it mentally control my progress I weighed 132.6 lbs. Funny enough I’ve lost very little since then! The scale doesn’t define the way I look, feel or my level of fitness or strength. It is an arbitrary number that if I plug into the BMI calculator STILL puts me in the OVERWEIGHT category.  I started in the overweight category, and as per some calculators obese! At my height, anything over 129 lbs is overweight. This definitely does not take into account our different body builds.

 Here is where I started 12 months ago…. (definitely not my most flattering of photos!)
Here I am a year into my life long journey…. (Royally Fit works by weeks – so not exactly the same day but close – Aug 31, 2015 vs Sept 3, 2016!). I put on the same outfit, even though the shorts are less than flattering. I only saved them for this – and now they will be outta my wardrobe! The most important thing I think you can truly see in these before and after photos is confidence and that is better than any number on a scale.
Month 12

DSC_9370I’m going to keep checking in month by month, for accountability to ME, but also as I will still encourage you to join me. I want you to commit to YOU. Whether you choose to work out at home like me alongside the motivating group of women that comes with a Royally Fit subscription, on your own, or you decide to hit the gym, I want you to make time for YOU. You can do it and you do deserve it. I also want to thank all of the strong, beautiful women for being a part of the Royally Fit family. Collectively, on top of amazing trainers, is what makes it so great! It has been a pleasure working out alongside you for this last year. I can’t wait to see what comes in year 2 – time for new goals! I will share my year 2 goals in a different post soon – once I gather my thoughts!

Right now I think I’m off to get an ice cappuccino and celebrate – then I’m giving them up for 6 months. Why? Because we can do anything when we set our mind to it and I think 6 months will just about cure me of the craving. They are the only treat I’m really having a hard time not thinking about every time I drive by Tim Horton’s and I am ready to beat that!

Note: Royally Fit is an online training community which sends workouts to your inbox 3x per week for $29 (click here to register) per month. As a part of the subscription you are given access to hundreds of other workouts, an online secret Facebook group of members and hundreds of recipes and a meal plan. I’ve participated by using the workouts, and online community group, but have not used any of the meal plans or recipes posted.

Here is my progress from the start – year one recap!


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  • April!!!
    Way to go. Your progress and attitude are so amazing. Your before and after pictures are incredibly inspiring as well. I am so proud of you. You said it best when you said committing to yourself. I think a lot of women put them selves on the back burner. I like RF because it is quick, efficient and supportive.

    I can’t wait to see what Year two brings for you and what the next 11 months bring for me. I will have my one year in August 2017.


    • I can’t wait to watch your progress Catrina! Committing to ourselves is so important – we’ve got nothing to prove to anyone but we need to put forth effort just to make ourselves a little better than yesterday – whether it be physically or mentally. Both are equally important parts of the journey!

      You can check out how little the scale matters here (if you weren’t already convinced with this post!):
      Hope you too put it away and don’t look back! ♡

  • Amazing amazing! I’ve do enjoyed following you and being a part of you journey. You inspire us all girlfriend! So crazy proud of you!

  • Amazing dedication to YOU! So important and the results have shown. Good luck for year 2 – watching your amazing progress continue!! Xo

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