Royally Fit Month 11: Summer is tough!

I am more bloated than usual. I have not drank enough water, I have eaten too many less than stellar meals and I am still smiling ear to ear. This is all a part of the journey and reason to keep going!

CSC_9350This month was about maintenance and enjoying the summer. I didn’t set unrealistic goals of progress as every week I enjoyed treats at leisure, barbeques, take out and late nights. I DID do all of my workouts and thankfully for Pokemon Go (yes, we jumped on that bandwagon!), we have logged 10 hours of walking with my son in the last 2 weeks. It was the best month ever to have given up the scale. I ate well when I could and enjoyed the temptations when presented at a function. I didn’t go home and wake up the next morning to see that I was a little bloated and the scale was up, down, or hadn’t budged, just to ruin my confidence and be angry with myself. Instead I just did the best I could between all the amazing functions we partook in. Summer is short and I’ve got a whole winter of hibernating to eat well again and get in bonus workouts. Life is completely about moderation and I plan on making the most of it!

I’ve eaten very few desserts in my 11 month journey as the cravings have almost completely disappeared for such. However, an Tim Horton’s Ice Cappuccino, a McDonalds Vanilla Chai Tea Latte, these two things I crave all the time and think about them every time I drive by a location, especially in the summer. When I first started last September I’d consumed a few many way too many ice cappuccinos (specifically last summer) certainly adding to the extra padding I was carrying. I have enough will power not to succumb daily or weekly and I’ve only had them in moderation over the past year, but I still crave them all the time, especially in summer! To combat this craving, I sought out a healthy at home concoction. It isn’t a perfect healthy recipe, but it is WAY better than the sugar filled beverages through the drive thru! I’ve drank quite a few of these this month as I “perfected” the recipe (recipe at bottom of post). Saved a lot of money too!

All this being said, I didn’t feel as good this month. It was a good reminder that when we eat better we feel better. I’d like to do better in August with eating especially. We have a few less functions than July so it should be a bit easier in that way. I also worked 12 hr nights in 3 of the 4 weeks in July, and I definitely do not sleep enough, I eat a few extra meals to make up for staying awake in the night, and we tend to have takeout more on these weeks, especially from places we would rarely all winter, like chip trucks and ice cream parlours.  I am still working 2 weeks of nights in August, but I have a lot more time off to be focused on the food and maybe pick up a bonus work out or two on top of my regularly scheduled workouts. I am sure we will still be chasing Pokemon too.

My goals for the first year are/were the following and I have this last month to stay on track and smash them:
  • Completing EVERY workout posted in the year of training (this one excites me the most!)
  • Gaining confidence
  • Losing some of my love handles
  • Redeveloping and finding my muscle strength, without bulking up
  • Be comfortable wearing shorts (I have wore shorts more often than past years so far this summer!)
  • Focus on core strength
  • Break up with my scale (success with 6 months down, I’ll check in at 1 year mark and then I’ll ditch it again!)
  • Enjoy a life of moderation, with food and fitness

My specific goals for this month are simple, hit every workout, limit the takeout, increase the water consumption and enjoy the last month of summer. I can’t wait to check in with you again at the end of Month 12! I’m so proud of the time I’ve put into me this year and I don’t plan on jumping off this bandwagon any time soon! Thank you Royally Fit for keeping my head in the game and me motivated to get sweaty 3 x a week!

Month 11

My Frozen Drink that hits the spot! Some drink wine, but this is more my style!

  • Milk (this could be 2%, almond, cashew, rice, soy – whatever you fancy – we’ve tried them all!)
  • Ice
  • 1 Banana
  • 2 tbsps of Nescafe Ice Java (there is a recipe posted here too – it is the same minus the banana)

I’ve never honestly measured the ice and milk quantities, but about 2 parts ice to 1 part milk and I make 2 glasses at a time, one for me and my son! The syrup isn’t wonderful for you, but it definitely satisfies my cravings and it tastes so darn good on a hot summer day! I’m still working on getting it even healthier, so we are going to try a tbsp of maple syrup and a spoonful of coffee next, once we finish off this bottle of deliciousness.

I almost forgot, this is how I got to where I am now! Thank you for following my journey!

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