Month 10! Royally Fit Quest Continues!

I want to be comfortable and confident in my own body. I want to look in the mirror and smile. I want to be strong not as only evident through how my muscles look but when I accomplish a task.  I want to be a role model to my child. I want to continually increase my health while living a life of moderation and fun. I want to be sexy and catch my husband’s eye, now and forevermore. To have this, I need to take/make time for ME!

This month has been challenging but I did it!  I did complete every workout posted! I am still on track for my first year goal of completing everything Royally Fit has sent to my inbox! It is a big goal – but I want to smash it! I want to reach it for so many reasons – obviously I am healthier, fitter, mentally stronger and focussed, but most of all I will have put time into me for a year straight. Moms often put themselves on the back burner, and I was no different. I haven’t neglected other things in my life to make this time, but I’ve made sure this time is a priority and rescheduled my life accordingly. A healthier me is a better me and I want to be that!

This month I wished I could have worked out 4-5 times a week. Mentally I am more in the game when I do so. Our schedule of summer bustle and my body (there were days I was physically spent even though I had time) only allowed the 3 Royally Fit workouts sent each week. I made sure I put in maximum effort in each of these sessions.

I was active outside in many other ways this month, playing baseball with the family or my son’s team, taking the dog for a walk, or at the very least enjoying the sunshine. I’m going to do what I can to try to fit an extra workout in each week for month 11. We are in the homestretch of my first 12 months and I want to put it as much effort as I’ve done month to month to get here.

I’ve mentioned before that a meal plan is available and included in the Royally Fit monthly fee. While I’ve yet to try anything on one of these plans as I only follow the workout portions of the program, I want to make note I’m human in the eating department too. I eat lots of veggies (we love our farm share!) and am generally fairly healthy most of the time, but I have treats too. The last three days I’ve had a funnel cake and lunch out at Cooper’s Corner and poutine from Speedy Spudz in celebration of Canada Day. While this isn’t the norm, usually only takeout once a week, I don’t hold any guilt. Life is about moderation and there are going to be long weekends of treats and meals that aren’t so good for us. It’s just about enjoying them and getting back on track with the other meals in that week.

Will I ever have a 6 pack or perfect thighs? Probably not. I plan on loving life and finding the happy medium mix. Most real people don’t have those things, but they’ve worked for everything they do have. Muscles, fitness and health is earned. Here is me happy to have completed month 10 and on to rock month 11. Measurements, weight? I don’t know! I haven’t stepped on the scale for 5 months!
Month 10

The changes are smaller each month, and my husband literally snaps the three quickest pictures, but there is one thing for sure – I am not going backwards!

Are you just starting out? On a life long journey like me to keep at something that sticks? Here is my progress to date! Physically and mentally I’ve come a long way!

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