What Is In This Bear?


bear2My mom sewed this bear for me and my husband just sewed on his eyes and nose this past weekend. It was my request to be made as it is something I really wanted for my son (and me). It might seem like just a bear to you, maybe even an odd choice of fabric, but let me tell you what is in this bear.

This bear was made from my Nanny’s housecoat. This was my son’s great grandmother and she loved him more than words could express. She just recently passed away on Good Friday nearing 92 yearsFB_IMG_1458582008223 of age. She wore this housecoat almost every morning over her nightgown. As I remember her sitting in her chair eating breakfast I can see her perfectly in this bright coloured housecoat she loved to wear so much. We often visited just as they were sitting down for breakfast or before they had yet got dressed for the day. My Nanny would then be so overcome by my son (he definitely ruled the roost) that she often would be out playing with him and not even get around to getting dressed until much later.

FB_IMG_1458580864052The housecoat almost never became a bear. As her clothes were packed up for donation this made it into the bags before I could even ask for it. I was lucky enough my brother brought back all the bags filling the back of his truck (apparently at 91 you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff!) and I picked through them all until I found it. To some it was a housecoat, to us it is a happy bear of so many memories. It was just something I really really wanted and already it means so much.

My son has already fell in love with it. He has named her Peggy, as that wFB_IMG_1458580656316as my grandmothers nickname. I’ve told him every time he hugs her his Nanny is thinking of him. I could see him get emotional when he hugged her, but also a calming and peacefulness set in. It was like Nanny is really just there any time he wants to hug her.  He always gave her the sweetest kiss before he left her house every time. He doesn’t kiss or hug many of his grandparents as he prefers a wave, but he had something so very special with his great grandmother.

He was so blessed that he got to spend 9 years with her and I am so very lucky I got 35 years myself. He might not fully understand just how lucky he was yet, but he knows he really loved her and she was a part of his every day. This bear will help keep her in our home and in our hearts.



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