Royally Fit Month 9! Here Comes Summer!

I have no idea how much I weigh. And you know what? It doesn’t matter. Giving up the scale was liberating. Confidence is not built by numbers. True strength is not measured by numbers. I am not defined by numbers. I have committed 9 months to me – completing Every. Single. Workout. Royally Fit has posted. I am committed to myself. Realistic goals. Realistic achievements. I am real and I like food!

This month was a tougher one as I was tired. I even repeated a workout as I only gave it about 60% effort the first time around and that just wasn’t how I wanted to leave things. I worked a couple weekends and survived each of those weekends on less than 4 hours sleep (all my own doing!). My son’s activities have ramped up and I am the coach of his softball team putting me out of the house 2 nights a week just for this and engaged for ~3 hours each of these nights. Paired with karate on another night and swimming about to start, our weeks are a little more structured (hectic?) than in the winter months.  The beautiful sunshine – well it leads us to want to be outside every moment we can. Are these excuses? Nope! They are facts of life and I just need to fit ME around them. Like his activities I too am a priority. My workout schedule has changed. The days at which I complete my workouts and the number of bonus workouts I can fit in have been altered, but I still am committed to getting three Royally Fit workouts completed each week, which is what I signed up to do 9 months ago.

Months 10, 11, 12 will be tough.  Our summer schedule is already jam packed – but – when I planned this schedule I planned with intent of still having time for me. Realistically, if I commit to three 30 minutes workouts a week and eating in moderation, I can still move forward in the right direction. It doesn’t take that much time, but it takes the dedication.  I’ll be honest and tell you I feel better when I hit five short workouts or getting active five days a week (usually 3 RF, a pilates, and bonus workout of some sort) but I will mentally commit to at least three for the next three months as the schedule is a bit crazier. I depend on my workouts for a physical and mental pick me up, so I’ll leave three as a minimum but always strive for more!

We all want summer bodies, but you know what? You can’t get a summer body when you start in May. There are no healthy quick fixes. I’ve been working on this summer body for 9 months already. Will it be ready? It is a work in progress. I’ve set out in my mind with where I’d like to get by 1 year (September), and then I’ll make new goals. I’m realistic. My thighs are never going to be thin. I’m a thick build. Those puberty stretch marks on my hips – they are real and they are not going anywhere. My butt has gotten smaller but it is still rather wide and I actually like this feature. I’m not going for perfection, as I don’t think it exists. My goals are to be happy, healthy, increase my fitness and proud of the hard work I put into me.

Here is me – month 9! I jut got in from baseball and quickly got my husband to take a picture before I shower. This is the first time I’ve taken a picture at night, so my end of day belly bloat is real. I am real. (I do feel way better in morning pictures though!)

Month 9

  • Be comfortable wearing shorts! Seems likely something silly right with the pictures I post here? Shorts take me out of my comfort zone when it comes to daily wear!
  • Continue with the water intake and smash my goals!
  • 15 Royally Fit Workouts as it appears this is a 5 week month and that excites me!
  • Try some new recipes & meals with our Farm Share veggies.
  • Skip! While we are outside in that sunshine I am going to commit to a couple minutes of skipping. Every little bit of activity counts! I’m not afraid to be the different mom at the park!
  • Be confident and proud of the work that has got me here. Let it carry me forward to keep going!


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