Buried With Love: DIY Urn

I’ve written about our family cemetery and my beloved Nanny before. This past Easter she passed away at 91 years of age. It was heartbreaking, still is, as it was a one of a kind love and bond we shared. My rock was gone.


Choosing an urn at Ceramics Canada.

Today we laid her to rest in her final resting place at the family cemetery.  It was a bittersweet family and family-like only service. While we waited on the cremation, the ground to be dug at the cemetery, installing of the headstone to have this service, I think it was much better having a delayed service where we all had time to accept her passing and reflect on the amazing person she was. There were still many tears.

She was laid to rest in a custom do-it-yourself urn. My Nanny’s favourite things in life aside from her family were things given or made with love. Upon her passing I discovered she kept almost every single card I had ever written her. Notes, pictures, crafts,  she treasured it all. I wanted to help out in some way with arrangements and give her one last gift. I wanted her to be buried in something that was up her alley and represented our love.

I contacted my friend at Ceramics Canada to see if she could order me an urn that I could paint. I was not concerned with the cost but I wanted to make something that she would be proud of. I had an idea in mind but the whole family wasn’t on board (it was a little out there) so we went with something plain and earthy toned to keep everyone happy. The urn cost me less than $50 to purchase, but it meant so much more. I spent an afternoon with a large green tea and painted it for her. With her. I’m sure she was looking over me with a big smile.

She now rests in a one of a kind piece made with love.


Picking up the urn after kiln firing. The picture makes it tough to see, but there is a metallic bronze and earthy mixture of colours that blended really well.


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