Deodorant: Going Natural

A couple weeks ago I posted about how I was giving up the traditional antiperspirants and deodorants and attempting to go a little more natural.

Two weeks have passed and I have only used a natural coconut oil based homemade deodorant I purchased from a local mom. Prior to these past few weeks I felt I sweat a lot. I would sweat when I was cold, hot, nervous, or confident. There wasn’t really any reason I could pinpoint, I just seemed to sweat a lot and only under my arms. I had tried countless brands and strengths of antiperspirants – mostly in an attempt to not sweat so much. Days I hung around in my pjs and never applied anything I didn’t sweat very much or at all, so now in hindsight I think antiperspirants were causing me to sweat more – but I never put the concept together!

The last two weeks I’ve only noticed I have sweat during my workouts. The usual normal daily sweat or dampness deohas disappeared. I’ve used the natural deodorant and it has worked pretty well. I usually apply it between 5-6 am and it lasts until between 1-2 pm until I notice I need to apply again. I have not reapplied and waited until I’ve got home from work, but I notice odor starts about then. It isn’t awful but still not enjoyable and is enough to make me a little self conscious. I’ve been told “detoxing” and going to a natural deodorant takes time for your body to adjust and sweat out the chemicals that you’ve previously clogged your pores with. Having that warning I expected it to be an awful process and planned on giving it a month before making a verdict or whether it would be a viable long term solution. The first two weeks have already confirmed I’ve made a good decision.

While chatting about this process of switching from traditional chemical based deodorants to all natural deodorants with several awesome ladies, some other great options were mentioned I thought I would share with you.

  • Homemade Coconut Oil Based Deodorant (for local homemade stuff I am using contact us for details or check out a recipe you can make yourself here)
  • Aide Bodycare Deodorant (also a local Durham business!)
  • Delish Naturals Deodorant (Canadian business!)
  • Batty’s Bath  (Ontario business and a lot of natural products!)
  • Rock salt based deodorants (All Natural Crystal came brand recommended)
  • PiperWai Natural Deodorant (USA company)
  • Love Fresh Deodorant (USA/Canada)
  • Tom’s of Maine (available in most bigger stores health food sections)
  • Young Living and Arbonne also have some more natural options!

Have you or would you make the switch? Let us know what you use or what works for you! We would love to add more options here!



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  • I’ve been using the same coconut oil based deodorant and I can make it till about 5pm and then I notice it wearing off a bit. On a few hot days it started a little earlier as I was perspiring more. But I do find the same as you, I was sweating more with the chemical antiperspirant/deodorant stuff than I am now. I wish I could find a similar product made with in a stick form so it was easier to apply. But I’m happy with the change I’ve made!

  • I’ve been using a variety of natural deodorants for about a year and a half. Unfortunately, I still haven’t found one that really works. I don’t sweat as much as I used to, but the odour is still an issue with every brand I’ve tried!

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