Month 7: Real Life Struggle & Royally Fit

DSC_8869Month 7. It wasn’t the prettiest, but it was the most real and honest approach yet. Life hit me hard this month. I wrote a little about it here and this past Friday my Nanny passed away. This month was full of heartache, physical and emotional exhaustion. The previous two weekends I didn’t sleep each of the entire weekends, one working nights and the other spent at the hospital at my Nanny’s bedside. I know this isn’t healthy and it certainly didn’t help my emotional well being. It’s been a month I am really glad I gave up the scale for six months (until my 1 year Royally Fit anniversary) as stepping on it likely would have stressed me further, whether it was up, down or stayed the same.

Since last check in I completed 13 Royally Fit workouts. I made up 2 missed last month and am carrying one from this month. I also did 3 pilates sessions + 3 mini bonus workouts. Most of this was in the first 3 weeks of this month, as the last week was an emotional blur. I did pick myself back up this weekend and squeezed in a couple sweat sessions to help me mentally and to burn a few treats I indulged in. It feels so good to workout, it is like my personal anti depressant session. My Month 8 goal is to complete 3 Royally Fit workouts, 1 pilates session and a bonus mini session every week. If I complete these goals and pick up the workout I missed month 7 too, I will have completed every workout posted by Royally Fit in the 8 months since I’ve been subscribing.

DSC_8866My eating was the norm until the last week or so. I usually give myself a letter grade of B (I call it health with moderation) when it comes to nutrition on a daily basis, but March break and last week I did have quite a few treats I wouldn’t normally eat. I don’t think I’ve eaten a donut since I started working out with Royally Fit, but this week I had two, a piece of apple pie, a date square and frozen yogurt. Most of these were memory provoked and my Nanny’s favourites. I’m mentally focused to get back on track here this week. I did abstain from all Easter candy and chocolate, so I’ll call that a win.

One of my goals last month was to drink less caffeinated green tea, the first two weeks of this month – success, 2 a week and the rest all decaffeinated herbal tea – the last two weeks not so much. It has pretty much been my vice. Month 8 I’ll focus on this again.

I stopped tracking my inches too – I’ll take them again once I hit my 1 year of healthiness. I do know that my clothes feel so much more awesome and my hips bones are becoming more evident, as is the shape of my waist. Those extra inches on my flanks are disappearing as more toned muscle is appearing. I’ll call that continuing growth to where I want to be. Baby steps for long term progress.

My husband took these photos today, not sure if they visibly show much change from last month, but they definitely don’t show regression. What they do show is that even in super tough months, Royally Fit is keeping me motivated to take care of me. The next few weeks, month, year, is going to be tough with a big void in my heart. I’m determined not to lose myself and keep myself strong. I’ve got all the Royally Fit ladies behind me should I start to slip, and all of you here to keep me accountable.
Month 7

Are you just tuning in? Here is my journey with Royally Fit so far:


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  • Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re only accountable to you. Your goals are your own. Your family loves you no matter how you are but you are learning to love yourself and accomplish goals that you set for yourself and be proud of those. You’re doing more everyday than most when you get off the couch!

    • Thank you! I like the accountability of blogging it as I feel I work harder, but you are 100% right – I am doing this to attain my own personal goals and health! I have realistics goals (not expecting a six pack to magically appear or perfect thighs). Royally Fit has really helped me get back to me (with efficient work outs – freeing up my time) and I am really starting to love that me! 😀

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