A Birthday with Cancer

I have a special friend turning another year wiser tomorrow. The gift most suited for her is something I haven’t yet figured out exactly how to give – more time and a cure. I don’t always gift my friends something for their birthdays, I prefer a more random approach to gifting, but if I was capable, I would give this friend anything her heart desired.

You see, my friend is sick. Not with a cold or a flu, but stage 4 colon cancer which is now currently circulating through most of her body. She is strong, beautiful, motivating,  funny and can curse in the most appropriate ways that you’ve just got to smile.

My friend is young. She is a mom to 3 gradeschoolers. She is one of those moms that gets down and does things with her kids. She is involved, loving and an educator. She plays and spends time creating, building, and exploring.

She was symptom-less to being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer all within a month last fall. She has already proven her strength from being wheelchair bound by Christmas to walking with a bounce in her step early this year. Despite this, the cancer has spread. I had such a hard time believing this as I saw her positive progression during her initial chemotherapy treatments. We had tea and she looked so much better, sounded so much better and looked utterly beautiful.

Tomorrow is going to be a tough birthday. Their lives have been turned upside down. I’ve decided if the cure or time isn’t capable of my powers, I am going to give positivity. Not just today, but everyday. Positivity so strong it is going to push for time to fight and to find the cure. Positivity to help on those tough days. I will always have an ear to lend or time to just be her friend.  She is more than deserving.

I wish my friend never had to endure any of this. She has shown us all strength and is admirable in her attitude and her fight. She has shown us how important it is to live each day, to love and to appreciate all we have.


Photo courtesy of Terry’s Trinkets.

Perhaps this birthday she is doing the gifting, showing us what real strength is. Maybe she is showing us all a lesson in what gratitude is. I think we could all learn something from her, who unfairly in life has been dealt such a struggle, but is approaching it with such determination and is working to prove the statistics wrong. I encourage us all tomorrow to be happy for her birthday, to not complain about anything, and to be grateful for everything we have or have had. There will always be people who have more and who have less than us. In the big picture, those people do not matter, but what we have and what we are grateful for does.

I am proud to be her friend. I believe in her and am here to be her friend for the tough road ahead to success. I refuse to believe otherwise. I am motivated to be a better person and spread more happiness. To my special friend, thank you for your strength and determination. Make tomorrow a birthday of memories and laughs, love and goals. For your day, let us all forget that this awful thing called cancer exists and take your lead to smile and be grateful. You are one of a kind.


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  • Well said! Sending your friend positive vibes today …tomorrow and always. I wish her a Happy Positive Birthday surrounded with the love of her family and friends!

  • April this is a beautiful letter for your friend. Reading it when I first woke up today was the perfect morning start. Often times we get very caught up in all the “stuff” going on in our lives and we forget to focus on the people in our lives, I mean really focus and see them. Today I am going to see them, talk to them, be with them.
    Thanks for your post April. And I said a prayer for your friend to bring her happiness and peacefulness on her birthday today. Please give her a hug from me. Xo

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