Life is tough. It is hard to be a woman. It is also hard to be a mom, dad, child, teen or a man. We tend to put so many society based pressures on ourselves to be great, wonderful and fantastic at everything, and to shine in a world in which everything is scrutinized. We want to be fit and look good, but not too skinny or too big. We want that mom of the year ambition to accomplish great things, but we also want to live and raise our children with normal childhoods. We want, we want, we want…

I’ve b196086_7482820102_2853_neen looking in the mirror a lot lately. Not just a quick look, but really LOOKING into the person staring back. I’ve been dedicating time to myself for almost half a year to be healthier – mentally, physically, emotionally – and I am feeling and looking better – but I also made a promise to myself.  Every time I look in the mirror I reflect on something positive. I believe positivity breeds positivity and happiness brings motivation.

I do not look in the mirror and ruminate over my usually less than stellar hair or imperfect teeth but I specifically choose something I like about myself. My eyes might look great that day, or my calf muscles look really good. Maybe I am sporting an awesome colour that looks great with my skin tone. I don’t limit myself to physical things but things I am good at too. I might look in the mirror and take a few seconds to bolster good strengths like my ability to organize or be a good friend or a project I just accomplished with success. The little reflections of positivity are what I am choosing to embrace, about myself, every day and every look into the mirror. Each time my reflection is confirming all the things I am grateful for and that make me special.

We are all unique and talented. We need to spend more time recognizing our strengths than our self perceived weaknesses.  How often do we take time to reflect on ourselves in a good manner? We tend to think about what isn’t in our cup, rather than what already is. I want to raise my son to be proud of himself and to most importantly be himself. I need to be proud of me and wholeheartedly happy with me to be this example. I am choosing to reflect less on what I want and more on what I have.

I challenge you to look in the mirror and tell yourself about the beautiful person looking back. I know you’ve got lots to say.


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  • I 100% agree that positivity breeds positivity! I think having a bright outlook on things and looking on the bright side of life definitely makes things smoother!

  • Great post… thanks for the challenge, I for one, rather love myself and am grateful for the gift that is this life and body 😉 (I hope that didn’t come out conceited)

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