Push For Your Tush

Many of you have been following my Royally Fit get healthier journey.  I honestly love the workouts and mostly the weights, but I’ve signed up to do something else – run! I will be running the 5 km Push for Your Tush in May in Whitby. Running is not my thing, but I am going to run/jog this and I will do it well.

In November my long time friend, a way-too-young mom to 3, was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. Her life literally changed over night. She has been on an aggressive chemo schedule since and has even found ways to inspire us in her journey. She has given us much reflection on what is truly important in life and how important it is to live and love each day. There were no big warning signs, or little ones at that, it just happened.

I can push and run this and in it give her strength to keep pushing and fighting too. I am going to do this for her. I might not like running, but she doesn’t like having cancer, being sick or undergoing chemotherapy either. I can push hard through something so temporary as she is pushing even harder each day. She is so admirable for her strength and we are here to help her be strong even when she might come to feel weak.

I think my son and I might even train a wee bit together come spring as he has interest in increasing his fitness too. We’ve done many charity walks together, but we’ve never completed one where we actually ran the whole time. Maybe he will surprise me and be 5 km ready too and we will add him to team. If not, this is a future goal we can make together to try and run/jog for a cause close to his heart.

If you want to join our team, whether you are a mutual friend or not, if would like to make your own fitness goal and run with an anti-runner like myself, or just want to show some support as colon cancer is something you’d like to support, we encourage you to come on out. I know there are 100 different causes and races, so there is no pressure to join us, but it is an open invitation if you want to support this good cause!   If you are interested you can find more information here: Push For Your Tush – Team Sam! Families and those who just want to walk are welcome too!

Disclaimer: Push For Your Tush might be one of our causes this spring being close to our heart, but we encourage you to find your cause, and get out there and do something for someone close to you or a cause near to your own heart. There are dozens of walks/races in Durham Region alone and we can all use a new goal or more exercise! Make it a family thing – train together and complete it together! Our children are never too young to learn about charity, giving or doing something for another. Keep us posted if you decide on a walk/run this year – we would love to know what cause you chose!



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