Smart Mitts for Winter

20160117_144918We haven’t had much snow time yet this year, and while I am not complaining, we got a pair of Smart Mitts at the tail end of last winter and haven’t had an opportunity to use them! This past weekend we finally got out to play even though there was still barely enough snow to sled.

My son, now 8, was a little on the fence about wearing mittens. He has upgraded to gloves now on a daily basis, b20160117_152310ut it turns out, they were perfect for sledding. The long sleeves fitting inside the coat meant he was kept dry the entire time. There is a band to keep mittens in the coat too – which would be especially convenient for little ones. While I think we would upgrade to Smart Mitts gloves (we are hoping they add this to their product line) for a daily basis to enable him to do more things with coordination (like his own zipper with ease) I think we will get much use out of the pair we have when sledding and any really active snow play.

It makes sen20160117_144911se to spend the money on a pair (about $30) as they won’t get lost, they will keep your kids dry (the outer layer is waterproof) and warm (made with thinsulate), plus they will always stay together – no more misplaced pairs! I was a huge fan of string mittens growing up and I would consider wearing Smart Mitts in an adult version for snow play too! I think if you got them earlier than we did (age 8), and had many years of use from them, they would definitely pay for themselves and the fact you wouldn’t need to buy other mittens for several years. Mittens and gloves at the dollar store now are $3 (generally not warm nor high quality) and a good warm pair we looked at while shopping today at the Superstore were still $15 on clearance!

Smart Mitts is also a local Durham business. I like the idea of supporting a useful product in our own community too. We are hoping to go sledding again next weekend and we’ll definitely use these to ensure he stays dry for the several hours we plan on being out. My son said his hands were actually hot – good sign of warmth for this mom!





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