Royally Fit Month 4: Surviving Christmas

4 Christmas celebrations with full meals & treats, 1 work potluck, endless amounts of baking (I was much more conservative here than in years past with what I ate but…), several takeout meals & dates and a 3-4 day eating binge (Dec 24-27). That’s the negative side of things.

DSC_8576The positive – I managed to complete 15 workouts before Christmas and 8 workouts after Christmas up until today’s post. It was a 5 week month which was a bonus. I completed 18 Royally Fit work outs and 5 pilates sessions (usually via YouTube Winsor Pilates). A couple (4) of these workouts were quick 10 minute calorie burning bonuses, while most were 20-30 minutes in length.

Month 4 numbers:
Waist (at bellybutton) – down 1.00″
Hips (largest place around) – down 1.00″
Bust (at the bra line under breasts) – no change
Left Thigh – up 0.50″ (this is a hard area to ensure I have the exact same place each time, I just go biggest area!)
Left Arm – no change
Overall this month I lost 1.2 pounds and a net of 1.5 inches. I held off weighing myself all month. I focused on getting in my workouts and hoping it would counteract most of the Christmas damage. In the first 4 months of my journey of working on me I am down 13.2 pounds and 15 inches!

I really really wanted to hit my 15 lb weight loss goal this month. It was definitely high expectations in the same month as Christmas even working hard. I am hung up on this 15 lb number even though I am seeing other results each month. My metabolism is revving compared to 4 months ago, I can feel strength in my posture when I sit (or maybe its really tired abs!),  I make better meal choices naturally, my muscles are closer to my skin surface as the in between fat layers are being lost, I eat less at one sitting and more often, you can see muscle definition and toning starting and I feel so much better! The reality is I might not ever make it to 15 lbs lost with increasing muscle mass, strength and toning. I’ll just need to see what happens.

When I started this journey 4 months ago I was considered obese (those photos are below) as per my BMI (body mass index). The after photos you see (also below) from today, they still have me in the overweight category. It is easy to get hung up on these things (like my 15 lb goal), but the truth is our bodies are all different shapes and sizes and weight and height are only two indicators of our health. You need to assess the whole picture to draw a real conclusion. I know I am not overweight, but I could spend hours inputting my information into these calculators which tell me otherwise. Be sure to set yourself healthy goals – not those defined on a few statistics.

InstaCollage_1441040247000Month 4

My blogging keeps me accountable and hopefully inspires others to find their groove and do a little something for them. It can be done healthily and with a little of the right kind of exercise. Royally Fit is an affordable fitness program at less than a $1 a day, but if it isn’t in the budget right now you can find some great videos on YouTube. I’ll admit there are things I still stink at – drinking water – failing grade of F every month – even though I intend to drink more, it just never really happens. I did switch to decaffeinated green tea at home and am trying to remember to buy lemons to have hot lemon water more at work. More goals to carry in 2016! I’ll touch base again at the end of month 5! I am hoping to invest in some new shorts, a maybe then I can report that 15 lb total loss 😉
Some asked about my journey along the way so I’ve come back to edit and add these links:


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