Month 5: Still working out with Royally Fit!

Month 5! I thought Christmas was a tough month, but this month was pretty busy too! Coming down off of the Christmas craziness and bustle, we are straight into a month of birthdays, including my own! Every weekend we celebrated something, sometimes more than once! I stayed on the bandwagon with my workouts (completed all 12 Royally Fit workouts, plus a few bonus sessions and pilates on my own). This is my commitment to me to complete the workouts. The emails really just give the push I need some days when I am feeling a little sluggish. I ate normally (I am not a crazy health nut by any means) and birthday treats aside…there may have been many birthday treats over the last two days, I did okay. I did crave sweets a lot more the last two weeks – and am going to blame that on hormones – but I am proud to say I didn’t cave with every craving. It doesn’t get much more real than this month though, weighing in feeling a bit bloated and with a sugar hangover from the last two days, enduring which some women refer to as “shark week” and the results are real – I am UP exactly one pound and zero changes in measurements as of this morning.


I didn’t weigh myself again all month and to be honest I am worrying less and less about that scale. I decided to put my actual weight and scale history this month to show that numbers are really not a reflection of how healthy we are. I didn’t think I would be happy sitting here in the early 130’s (today 134.0 lbs) but it seems my body is pretty stuck on staying here for now. I weigh 11 lbs more than I did pre-baby (9 years ago) and I wasn’t this fit. About 6 years ago I even got down to 107 lbs in a crazy attempt to get skinny post baby but didn’t look or feel as good or was half as strong – I was just sickly skinny instead. I have been more fit than I am now  (2-4 years ago) but I still embraced the mid- 120’s then so I am battling the mental feeling like I need to be there. I know muscle weighs more, and I can visibly see and feel my gained muscular strength, but there are a still flabby places (the dreaded thighs) I am out to take care of. I also just want to be happy and fit and for life. I don’t want this to be a temporary journey.

Last month I mentioned I was going to get some new shorts as the ones I had used for my photos (about 20 year old Le Chateau shorts!) were less than flattering. I own very few pairs of shorts as I have never been fond of my legs – I am a dress or capris kind of gal which hides the inner thighs very well! I purchased a pair on clearance (I am also cheap when it comes to myself especially). Yikes! They are little short and more revealing than I thought when I picked them up  (lesson learned try them on!)– but I am reasoning we will use them as motivation to grow into a better fit body (again those dreaded thighs!) to display them. I have exposed all up to now, including less than stellar initial photos, so what is a little bit of more with these crazy shorter shorts (as seen in this month’s photos below)!

Last month (Month 4):
Month 4
This month (Month 5):
Month 5

Next month is month 6! Half a year of dedicating time to me. I feel pretty darn good about it. I am even looking forward to what I can do and where I can be when I hit one year of giving myself the attention I deserve. Mentally exercise is rewarding and I actually need it. It makes me feel good, make better choices, and even gives me confidence in the clothes I choose. This month the biggest difference I noticed were my clothes. Although the numbers may not reflect any change I felt good almost every day in every item I chose to put on (the jury is still out on the shorts). Everything fit nice and I didn’t seem to have any extra uncomfortable bulges. Even when I was clicking the mouse all day long I could feel the increased strength and muscles in my arms. To be honest I flex them often just to remind myself I am doing a good  job. If I can do this, you can do this. I’ll update you again in a month with another realistic post!

P.S. Next month we are trying Sky Zone Whitby for the first time and I have a private event organized for families with 33% discounted rates. I am excited for this “bonus workout”. We still have space in both time slots if you and your family want to join us! Details here.

P.P.S. Many often ask for the progress over the months with every post, so here it is:


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