Kid Wall of Fame

20160110_095214My son has already accumulated some little league bling. Although this past summer was his first really “played hard and earned bronze” medal in baseball (first year in the “big” league following 3 years of “minor” league play!), he has earned himself a couple of karate belts, and received other participation medals and trophies along the way.

We created a little area in the upstairs hall almost 5 years ago that is all his. We display his team photos and awards on a shelf that is no longer big enough for his hardware (we clearly didn’t think ahead!). We are planning to move this year, so we’ll plan more accordingly for the next Wall of Fame, and we are just making due for now.

Although he hasn’t earned awards in everything he has tried, and we would not expect that he would, he loves remembering his team through the photos and years of playing sports, and these serve as good memories of such. I am sure the little league awards won’t be as important to him as he ages, but for now he is proud of everything he has displayed. It also makes me thankful he has had the opportunity to do so much. We’ve kept all his team shirts too, for the one day memory blanket we plan on having made – maybe five years down the road as I am nowhere near ready!

How do you display your child’s accomplishments whether it be art, medals or certificates? Do you have them out in the open or packed away for safe keeping? We’d love to see or hear your ideas as we will need something new for his new space. Maybe we’ll only put up the most important ones then too – we’ll have to see what he wants!

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