Cabbage Rolls for Cancer

It is no secret I like to help families and community charities. I grew up with the mentality that we should live, breathe, buy and support local and our neighbours. I can hear my step-dad speaking continuously in my head – repeating these notions and several conversations we had over the years. I wanted to share a way we can help a family in our community and eat a hearty delicious meal! I present to your Cabbage Rolls for Cancer Treatment.

cabbageI wish that there was never any family that had to go through dealing with any disease, especially cancer. Cancer has touched me personally in the last few months and with people very close to my heart. This family is actually unknown to me personally, but they are in my community and their fundraising initiative has also amazed and touched me. They have put together Cabbage Rolls for Cancer Treatment to help mom with an alternative “safe chemotherapy” treatment for cancer. They are having some success with the treatment but the cost is burdening. She is a mother to two and her husband is very active in this fundraising initiative to help with the cost and save the love of his life.

How can you help? Well you can order some testimonial “amazingly delicious” cabbage rolls from here or you can share their page or this post with your friends and family. Sharing is caring and can have huge impacts as others might be interested in ordering. If you happen to not like cabbage rolls, money is tight, or you choose to donate to charities or people close to your own heart,  you can still help with a quick share. It costs nothing but a moment of your time. We wish this to be a very successful fundraising initiative, for Lana to have much positivity with her treatment and decades of memories with her family. While I’m off to order dinner for this week, I thank you in advance for your support, from every share to order made. Thank you.


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  • Our heart goes out to this and all families who are battling cancer.
    We will be ordering our Cabbage Rolls!
    And I will share this initiative personally and through Smart Mitts 🙂

  • I have ordered these cabbage rolls twice and both times they were delicous! I think they are the best we have ever had!!
    Very nice gentleman that makes them, he is so nice and I am praying that his wife gets the help she needs to fight this horrible disease.
    I urge everyone to try these. They are not only delicous but it is an awesome cause too!

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